How to increase the exposure rate of Shanghai dragon website search engine optimization article

, Title Optimization, matching and matching to Shanghai dragon optimization keyword page title, must be put in the first place! But it neatly, the prominent theme in quality not in quantity. In order to reach the station after the better we have the Shanghai dragon optimization, you can know the functions and use of their own site, understand the user in mind the location of the website, and adjust our website and strategy. The main contents of "matching and matching to optimize keyword, these include keyword on the site of the structure position and number etc.. Here it is not clear, look at the market effect "is how to put the

fourth points, if we want to rank high, visitors and users grow with each passing day words, then you must be the day.

third points, to do search engine optimization, there is a very important factor, that is the establishment of external links. First, through various channels to find some high quality links, or inside the network update soon, traffic high site links, of course, should be early for us is a new station, want to exchange links to these sites if the difficulty may be relatively large, then we can appropriate to buy some good links, this is very big the development of this station, this is our previous search engine optimization essential stage. If there is no way to get the advantages of external links, then we only have to write some high quality soft, and then sent to the station.

Second point Good quality

for search engines like this; and due to the high quality and high efficiency will be affected by the spider crawling, beloved, since this would in effect included a good impact. The result is landing more, rankings, flow naturally go up.

first, want to improve the site traffic, we must look more, listen more, learn some excellent door apartment layout is how to do the site, see their website structure, the layout of keyword, and explain the topic, to be good at summing up experience, to learn from the lessons learned to improve web design the ability of self. To choose the best technology layout of a good point, it can be optimized to streamline the code, it can bring us two advantages: one is to improve the efficiency of crawling spider,

stands for Search Engine English Shanghai dragon Optimization, Chinese translation for search engine optimization, it is mainly divided into the site optimization and site in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon two. The main content of the work it is by fully familiar with all kinds of search engines to efficient extraction of web pages, and define a keyword network search ranking technology, to our website optimization, to improve search engine rankings, the purpose is to improve website traffic, and ultimately enhance the visibility of the site, increase sales, improve the turnover rate. The next like to share my personal experience.

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