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first, a new station on the line before the planning work. Before the planning work station of a company is very important, because the subsequent site structure, layout, URL details are pre planning and construction work, the author found that many companies were initially eager to make the site, and finally had to rework, causing the site cost and operational thinking is a very big impact, the planning is to set up the website specifically for the purpose of enterprises, according to the structure of different planning purposes of different websites to choose a different code in structure and access experience must be done.

Finally, the author summarize,

, website optimization are more focused on the problem of small and medium-sized enterprises, the author thinks that the basic knowledge of web design is very necessary to understand the full time Shanghai dragon Er, for the establishment and optimization of the separation of the work many times together, at the beginning of the online website carefully to optimize the work of deliberate thinking.

fourth, website promotion is a continuous process we must adhere to the long time. Have a professional maintenance personnel promotion, we will continue to be adjusted and improved for the website, constantly adjust website details, through mutual cooperation we cooperate with each other, the entire site maintenance work lasting proceed, whether or Shanghai Longfeng site operation and maintenance work is a long process, we must put into execution first after a time, the cumulative, website weight is certainly rising, the follow-up will be Everfount for enterprises to bring accurate value target customers.

third, select the appropriate operation and maintenance personnel to promote optimization. This time as the Shanghai dragon Er we must be very clear about the importance of the website operation. Shanghai dragon Er is the best at Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we must through their own efforts to continuously enhance their enterprise value, let users find us through the Internet search engine, bring precise flow and high value for the enterprise users, then we need to build a strong maintenance team, such as the editor, the Commissioner of the chain the program, artists and personnel staff to the Shanghai dragon with a reasonable division of the collocation, the only way to really do the best to do solid work optimization.

second, a website you provide those services for users. The website of each industry website like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, continue to emerge, and now as the enterprise website we must understand, what can bring value to the user. The service must be your industry’s own characteristics and the market demand, through the website to provide information valuable content for users, users receive the recognition and support of this is very important.

as a Shanghai Longfeng personnel we must understand the purpose and significance of the construction site, many Shanghai dragon Er is a versatile talent, they are not optimized to do a kind of mold, enterprises need to site construction and planning when they often can take charge as chief of as weight Adsense, we need to understand the basic knowledge of the station?

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