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injuryThe compensation lawyer

long tail word drainage increase keywords other high index, this method is often used in the large platform website, if reasonable to meet the requirements of optimization love Shanghai website design, then all rankings are so successful, because it is reasonable on the keywords ranking, just a few times to make some no index or low index words on the front page, which is the site of the reasonable structure design benefits, if the site weight high so that the last words are not index with extreme ease things, dozens of the index and the one hundred index are more than ten times can click on the index of word will be with the other the word ranking also followed up.

Zhengzhou lawyer

injury lawyer

related injuries

example: identification of labor inductrial injury accident, the sentence contains a number of industrial injury, work-related word, keyword optimization of these key system would promote the work-related rankings. This is the long tail word to main keywords ranking, if

some websites only one month’s time to weight 2, but some stations all constantly updated content to do some useless work does not rank it, that is because to do things are relatively small, you send a chain, one effective drainage 100 times, you do update others a can send an effective use of user information, and send a video to five stable keywords ranking in the first place, because all users love to find things, users find the content they want to search through the continuous nature of your website will go up. Figure


rights large number of long tail word

labor injury

Hai Yao Shanghai Longfeng Xiaobian interpretation of rapid ranking technology is a skill of things, if you don’t understand and can learn from others, of course, rapid ranking method are many, are some technology and software code. For example, fast ranking some long tail word, only a lawyer how much money can be first. This is the long tail word of good drainage, but also the benefits of the original article.

website ranking is a process of the first stage, some words row up other words will usually have to do with it, and found some long tail word mining, timely find and >

is very difficult on the ranking in the early time, it is because your website optimization is not ready, how could there be a ranking, said home based optimization that must start from the fundamental place. Early is the first to do website design and website planning, want to let love Shanghai feel your website OK, it should start from the requirements of Shanghai love.

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