According to the importance of the social networking site optimization optimization content

Marie-Lynn Richard recently published an article introduces some practice examples of content optimization of social networking sites. This article is to choose the Yierlai translation. Please read the text.

and this is shared via Flipboard news, Flipboard has completely ignored the modern potters Eva Zeisel videos, and call the news author Adam Flaherty photo.

spend a little time to consider your publication selection of pictures, and then spend a little time to think of the brand you write text. You know when people share and spread your content, related pictures and text will be machine identification and analysis, it is important that Facebook allows you to control these different elements to make your content more attractive and more efficient communication.

not only need for social networking sites such as Facebook content optimization, also need to consider the emergence of content aggregation services such as Flipboard, Pulse or FLUD etc.. Whether it is for sharing or content aggregation, need to know the importance of optimization methods and content, otherwise there will be the case below.

The importance of

shown in the message, the content analysis of Facebook tools will be the first one to inappropriate image recognition in text: a funeral logo.

network content makes people website content optimization correct maximum flow, content optimization has become an important part for the optimization of search engine crawlers. With the rise of social networking sites, in order to better share and exchange, content optimization is also carried out.

for sharing software, the title of the most easy to identify and collect information. You want to share "< title> tag must contain a header information. The title is less than 66 characters with a noticeable amount of information words. In social media > is the following

the following is a good example of this, in a message inside the title, maintain the consistency of text and pictures. But then you will see other examples show that not all released can do the same.



below mentioned practices and known as the Shanghai dragon, purpose is to increase message appeal and consistency, to improve the content in the spread of influence.


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