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supporters are generally based on the following three latitude: get material rewards; appreciate you and want to help you; be certain of your values; feel that you are doing something meaningful. The last two because

is now often able to see in the circle of friends, we forwarded some public welfare projects raised, more information is getting help for major diseases, compared to other social public raising projects, such projects are more forward. In the past, it was difficult to raise money for such injuries, and it was necessary to have traditional media coverage as an endorsement to make it easier to finance. But now is the era of mobile information, to social dissemination as a carrier, greatly reducing the financing threshold, enhanced exposure rate, financing success rate also increased. Most people in this society uphold love and kindness. Show public service to raise public love, and now has become one of the channels to help people in trouble find hope.

all the chips in the field of 95 young cynic experience initial feelings, to raise the public to become synonymous with the congregation group purchase pre-sale. Wrote a few attacks on the public to raise distortions in the domestic development of the article, but still in the public to raise the industry, because it is optimistic about its future development. Come to talk about all the chips in public, social, financial, consumer, innovation, these areas may exist subversion.

raise public welfare direction with diversity, public welfare project categories include student, help the old, disabled, Ill help, care left-behind children etc.. From the current point of view, the public funding for major diseases raised much higher than other categories of public interest raised.

social property

public property

I do for a long time of advertising, but also a lot of contact with the classified ads website customers, such as 58, VEKEE, Kijiji and so on, they are rather a selling point, but it is very difficult to make money, perhaps in 500 Wan Meijin, can get a NO.1 the name only. I once asked Yao Jinbo why he asked me the newspaper classified ads, how to make money, why can the classified ads in the newspaper to do so, I nodded at the time, indeed, this is the profit pattern, but make it in the pure stand on the implementation of the classified ads, still a bit difficult, if only the newspaper the classified ads that several pieces of hair, you will see every day? If the classified ads in the form of alliances on the major sites, whether it can achieve the same effect in the newspaper?

advertising alliance model to make money you win, you get a commission from the chief here, have to rely on you, and you take a cut from advertisers, to achieve win-win situation. Now the major portals in alliance to do PPC, dogskin plaster is pasted, classified ads, and even have no classified ads that advantage, such as advertising on SINA PPC, first you have to have their own site, but as individuals usually can not be achieved, and classified ads with bidding the ranking, you can directly display advertising content and contact information in the above, if the small enough posted, then give them a filled with content classified advertising page.

just a few years, all the chips have been the rapid rise and development, is becoming a hot Internet banking model. Today, sweeping the whole society, "public entrepreneurship, multi innovation" wave, but also for all chips outlined a broad and beautiful prospects for development.

for many families with a weak family base, the high treatment costs for them are undoubtedly a bad news. But you can use real text, pictures, or video to boot. The emergence of Social Welfare Public chips, not only allows people to easily lend a helping hand, as much as possible to dedicate this love, but also can effectively let the recipients of trouble. The future of the platform should be strictly audited the real situation of the project, how to solve the problem of how to raise public funds regulation, which is more conducive to the development of public welfare chips. At present, public welfare is also raising public interest in caring for animals, environmental protection, social experiments, public undertakings and other aspects of public welfare development.

social networking has raised public interest in the project based on friends, family, a wide range of social networks and media. Perhaps all chips are a breakthrough in breaking traditional social networking practices.

, if the three combine, advertising alliance is profitable, competitive ranking allows advertising alliance to make more money, while at the same time can use this "snowball" way to do a free, very large, classified advertising sites.

network not only provides people with more information, but also provides a wide range of opportunities for interpersonal communication, providing a new interactive space to broaden social relations.

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