The ordinary railway workers of higher lower Taobao shopPost online salary over a thousand To join t

only pay 120 yuan per year agent fee

so I started creating a group. The use of mass software to send information, although the daily delivery volume is small, it is estimated that only about 3000 of the service rate, but are targeted for targeted customers, so the effect is also very good. In a few days, there are many Taobao sellers looking for me, let me improve their credit for them. My price was 0 at that time. 5 yuan. And it brushes very quickly. It’s almost 6 hours to 1. 250 credit, that is to earn 125 yuan.. Gradually, there are more customers. I can’t brush it, either.. Because my work on the railway is constantly changing. So I want to set up a credit team. Give them a commission. Give them 0.3 yuan each. And I will brush the price of credit to 150 yuan a drill. As a result, I can greatly reduce my burden.. Only need to go to class every day, talk to the customer later, and then send the business to the house. Let them finish within the stipulated time.

then I posted it in the sh419 post bar.. Bought a software, send my mutual brush group information. So far, so I don’t do the industry anymore.. But every day someone enters my brush group. although it is no longer a group of brushes, it is evident that Taobao is growing. Cheating on credit is rampant, too.

last time, I talked about the establishment of Taobao store in 2006, and I have made some achievements. But because Taobao’s competitiveness is growing. Around 2007, according to my observation although there is no authority, every day in the new Taobao store, there are more than 200 shops on women’s clothing. There are many sellers who have a certain strength. So for those of us part-time sellers, have a great impact on taobao, to introduce mass, send a single account of the restrictions from the previous limit to 30 new registered account, so we did not go to the capital of what these publicity to sell it is difficult to rely on this kind of software to advertise.

website executives argue that

, the person in charge of the website, told reporters, "this is a 100% profit model, you can only get a little bit of money, you can get huge capital returns.". "We build a station, you take deduct a percentage from a sum of money.". The accumulated income within one year is less than 120 yuan, and the agent fee will be waived the following year."

Industrial and Commercial Bureau even bargain agency official told reporters that the illegal marketing refers to the organizer or operator development staff, by the development staff with the number of direct or indirect development personnel or the sales performance for the calculation and payment, or required by the developers to pay a fee as a condition to obtain eligibility for other ways to reap illegal interests. The marketing model adopted by the entrepreneurial website can be called the "shop pass" marketing model, using the marketing tactics of illegal pyramid selling, but not in the practical sense of illegal pyramid selling. Right now, >

is different from MLM

then, I set up a website, Taobao promotion alliance www.preetybaby, in fact, the initial intention is to let Taobao shopkeeper has a better communication space. Downloadable tools can be downloaded. Exchange experience, and look for sources.. But I do the station to do too poor, ha ha.. Did not do it. There are more people who brush credit, but to be honest, they are not to blame. Because everybody sends out

once, I found that a lot of high credit sellers, credit has a lot of problems. For example, they are very cheap transactions, or the same buyer. Often buy the same type of goods, the price is not high. It reminds me of brush credit.

"you don’t need any experience, and you don’t need a lot of money. As long as you are over 18 years old, you can have 2-3 hours online every day. You can get over a thousand monthly pay in forums, blogs, post bars and so on."." 5, the reporter received a senior university students in Nanchang called, he told reporters, in an entrepreneurial website to see such an advertisement, would like to ask a reporter for advice. Reporters found that after the investigation, the entrepreneurial website claimed that the entrepreneurial model, imitation of the MLM approach. Industry and Commerce Department, said, because the management of the model is still blank in the law, entrepreneurs need to be cautious.

when the reporter doubt on the pattern, the official explained that their business model and marketing is different, not deliberately require franchisees must develop offline, if the franchisee is dedicated to the development of offline to profitability, they also support. But the website still sells goods primarily, their websites have substantial products, and MLM is no substantive products. It is understood that there have been more than 700 people joined the site.

6, the reporter in the students introduced on the entrepreneurial website, the venture site for an online shopping site, join the venture site just pay 120 yuan / year agent fee can. Subsequently, the reporter with the identity of senior graduates and the site responsible for contact, he said, after joining the site, you can promote the site, if there is a subordinate to join immediately reward. Reporters as a formal level agent, if you recommend a member directly registered and opened on the reporter’s website, you can get 40 yuan reward. If you register again and open, you can get 10 yuan reward. And so on, respectively, 40 yuan, 10 yuan, 10 yuan, 5 yuan, 5 yuan.

reminded: join the "shop pass shop" model needs careful

first published thanks to the article "an ordinary railway workers find Taobao shop in after I take the initiative to contact with me, let me know more friends, today I still write about my experience, hope for the novice Wangzhuan some inspiration.

expresses: website claims to develop inferior agent to be able to obtain deduct a percentage from a sum of money

Nanchang city

"shop pass" mode legal supervision is still blank,

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