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according to the specific platform, Analysys International micro-blog data show that the first quarter of Chinese intelligent mobile phone shipments in 2/3 is based on shlf1314 micro-blog Android system, when the season Chinese market accounted for global shipments of Android intelligent mobile phone 1/4. The Gartner survey showed that the market share of shlf1314 Android in Chinese intelligent mobile phone up to 69.5%.


SEO team student: no matter what your team, whether you are a team leader in the first generations of disciples, you’ll always be the one for others to do the wedding dress, I don’t deny that some master has to make money, but as you enter 2011, just another tool, some even the money is handed over to someone else to do other tools, the probability is not high to make money.

is responsible for shlf1314’s mobile advertising unit Admob, Zhao Yijiang’s team every day in close cooperation with China many mobile developers. He said, at present there are two main China application developer website. The largest Android developer community EOE currently has 300 thousand registered users, here is an important platform for Android users to exchange information; and another developer website Cocoachina has 200 thousand registered users, mainly engaged in the application development of apple iOS platform.

SNS station is only a short while ago everyone love, holding XX happy to show off, until today, there are still many new owners think they should do local SNS overlord, because now SNS plug-ins exist, the profit model is relatively clear, but the essence of SNS is interactive, localized SNS and no the advantage, not to mention those giants compete. It’s good to invest so much money.

from a number of indicators, Chinese is imminent or has already surpassed the United States to become the world’s largest market for intelligent mobile phone. Market research firm Nedham data show that the second quarter of China intelligent mobile phone shipments grew 164%, reaching 33 million 100 thousand units, more than 25 million stations in the United states. The IDC report is expected this year Chinese in the global smart mobile phone market share will reach 20.7%, surpassing the United States 20.6%.

he specifically said, apple iOS China equipment in 60% were to escape, this proportion was significantly higher than 10% of the international standard, and the main purpose of China jailbreak is to download pirated apps, this is the status quo Chinese market. Jailbreak become very easy, also encourage more users to download pirated applications.


Wangzhuan: most of these people are just entering the network, looking for the occasion of exaggeration on the network all Wangzhuan project, due to this day to earn or not there is input harvest project basically does not exist, so the 99% are in vain Wangzhuan a.

originally this title, I want to write 2011, do what is most likely to succeed, but for individual Adsense, the best ruler of success is probably how much money. No matter you are old stationmaster, or new stationmaster, sunspot share, do station experience all useful to you. Taobao guest Wangzhuan, SEO team of students, flow station, SNS station, forum, industry station, local stations, so many things we should do what? 2011 in the Internet world what your role is most likely to make money? We start with the most money is not easy to talk about.

but as part of the most important mobile Internet, how the current situation of the development of Chinese application developers? shlf1314 Chinese Commercial Cooperation Department Manager at Mobile Asia Expo in Zhao Yijiang last week after the problem was to accept foreign media interviews, and talked about the development and application of the Chinese encountered revenue challenges.

Zhao Yijiang pointed out that the application of the purchase and buy downloads, mobile advertising is the three business model application developers, but these three kinds of models in Chinese are facing challenges. Whether it is China application developers or intend to enter the market Chinese foreign developers have faced this problem.

China business cooperation department manager Zhao Yijiang

Forum: the forum in 2010 can be said to be a risk of relatively large, but the current situation eased, forum was very promising, regardless of the industry or local forum forum or entertainment forum, has a good prospect, but the forum why not easier to make money, is in the actual forum the operation has many difficulties.

Taobao: Taobao two years ago in the guest guest is indeed able to earn money, but today due to severe competition, there is a long time and master more mature technology advantages coupled with increased non-performing businesses, Taobao customers new entrants profit opportunities almost slim, according to a survey of customers in Taobao, monthly income in ten less than three hundred yuan a.

, we’ve ranged from money making:

Zhao Yijiang said that the problem of Android platform is more serious. For example, he said, Disney has a where Is My Water application is paid download in Android and iOS, but Chinese some third party Android app store for the competition between each other, will download the SDK software development tools.

‘s replacement, the website float quiet, every day there are countless people looking for new stand ideas, there are new young people to embark on this road station every day, but with the development of the Internet, some of the old concept is no longer applicable, some webmaster at five years ago in a dream another old bubble, then pay a lot of energy but a burst. Today, sunspot share with you dry things, talk about grassroots Adsense 2011, what is the easiest to make money?.


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