Entrepreneurship into the 3 era what has changedZhou Ning thinking model analysis using O2O entrepr

The age of

this is the typical development route of start-ups in that era.

sometimes, after years of hard work, you’ll be hit hard by the reality: people don’t need your product at all.


1. First of all, we analyze the necessary conditions for entrepreneurship from the nature of O2O.

two predicts how many projects fail – the 5 biggest obstacle to O2O:

in the past 70 years, she met numerous difficulties and challenges. Every time the company moves to a new stage, she needs to rely on credit cards to make repeated investments in the company. Only in this way can she keep her company moving forward.


has changed,


we have found that there are several basic concepts that must be returned to earth:

by the beginning of twenty-first Century, you no longer had to buy a server by selling cars, and because the price of the server was down, it would be enough to sell the coffee table. Over the past 15 years, many of the things that have been needed to start a business have become cheaper, such as servers, databases, etc., and the emergence of SaaS has made the once outrageous Internet infrastructure even more terrestrial.

1, the platform must have users, traffic, viscosity. In this platform, the marketing cost is low, and the output scale is large enough.

2, users through information services can cultivate platform, business and service trust.

sums up the number of users, the number of service providers, and the mode of interaction.

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4, the number of services on the platform must be large enough to allow consumers to think that access to information from the platform saves shopping costs.

startups do is more likely to build platforms. So, we have to figure out why other people come here to promote it. Why do users go shopping or consume under the line you recommend?


I’m aware that we are entering a whole new era of entrepreneurship. At the beginning of the twenty-first Century, the costs of high prices – labour, office leases, legal offices and marketing prices – were falling. It may even mean that startups 5 years ago needed $250 thousand to do, and now only $250 would do.

as time went on, she made some money and rented an office in Evanston, illinois. After that, she recruited another employee. Eventually she bought a former fire station, where it became the headquarters of the company. The company has been established for 70 years, and it is the only cause of my grandmother’s life. Although she’s over 90, she still hasn’t left the job.

and you need to do all the work on your own. Everything starts with the most basic things that require you to spend years and lots of money.

O2O, as its name suggests, is through the Internet application technology for online and offline, online promotion, offline transactions.

1, capital

in 1945, my grandmother started a photography company when she was 21 years old. She had just graduated from Northwestern University, and in order to pursue her dream, she did not go to work like other people, but chose to start a business. For this dream, she got everything for herself.

every entrepreneur will magnify the value of the opportunity without regard to the possibility of difficulty or failure. The emergence of the concept of O2O will undoubtedly lead many entrepreneurs to start from the concept and eventually fail. In fact, O2O is a more reliable concept, then why entrepreneurship through O2O will have so many losers? Why, many people are opportunistic, is for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, is speculation. Originally, some good concepts or ideas can provide powerful weapons for entrepreneurs who are interested in using the Internet technology to change the world.


knows the nature of the entrepreneurial project, we can look at the worst possible causes of the project failure. For the O2O project, the following 5 basic obstacles are fatal, and if you can’t find a reliable solution, the project will fail:

many from the concept of entrepreneurial projects is difficult to stay in the air plant, online >.

3, businesses provide services must meet certain standards, to meet user requirements, while cost-effective.

, for example, O2O, we try to analyze the entrepreneurial thinking model:

the first step, we need to know, through the O2O can do two things: 1, entity merchants through O2O to establish their own channels; 2, the establishment of O2O platform for start-ups.

in the 90s of last century, you want to start an Internet business, you first need to find a friend who has a garage in the house and use the garage as your first office. When the company was first founded, hiring employees was basically a luxury, because even the money you bought for the server was earned by selling your own car. Sometimes, starting a business can also endanger your relationship with the person closest to you.

this also led to the continued decline in the threshold of entrepreneurship. At this point, startups only need 250 thousand

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