Some 2 years of experience on the advertisement of the momThe garbage Yiqifa union perspective Wangz

I’d like to know. What about the related fees? Specifically, there’s no charge for any fees..

then customer service let me see the minimum payment limit for registration

June, do Yiqifa Alliance www.eqifa love apartment products, the Commission is 859 yuan, but in the actual settlement to deduct 166.16 of the cost of.


When we do the

in the afternoon, I’ll check with the Beijing industrial and commercial section to see if there is any charge for.


at the same time on the website of these 3 union advertising, individuals think the best should be, the top right BANNAER position on Ali mother, the content of the page is eye-catching, put ADSENSE or sh419 theme promotion. In short, according to GG’s eye-catching chart shows that the ADSENSE- theme is easy to pay attention to click, not easy to click, but easy to be seen by visitors to the location of Ali mother.

then add to this, Ali mother is also suitable for movie downloads and MP3 download on the site, because the site of the flow although relatively large, but generally not apply to GG, these stations if put Ali mother position properly, the price is reasonable, will be quite lucrative income through packet time > Advertising

also, advertising Ali Mama advertising alliance position that should be mainly used for placing customers long time package weeks and monthly advertising, because the advertising click price is very low, and the GG AdSense the price difference is huge, than sh419 theme promotion price is low, if the long-term package is not fixed the user’s ads should be removed for other advertising advertising such as ADSENSE or sh419 theme promotion, otherwise it is very hard.

for advertisers in Ali’s mother, it should be determined that a number of long-term delivery of the site, not just referring to Ali mom’s website quotes. Many sites on the Ali Mama price is very low, or even a week the price of 1 yuan, but thousands of people visit the cost is not low, "or," thousands of people visit the cost is very low, but the PV is only 1 to 2 times of IP, that is to say the number of visited web sites is more, but people just came in at a glance away, or look at the 2, 3 eyes away, you think you put ads in this website have what use. In general, PV is IP more than 4 times more advertising will be more effective, the higher the multiplier, indicating that the more attractive the site, the effect will be better. At the same time, advertisers should pay attention to the position of advertising, such as the same price, the same IP and PV advertising, you should personally go to see, think of what advertising put is easier to click, sometimes different location choices will lead you to spend the same money, but have to click on the gap reached several times or even dozens of times.

default Wangzhuan union is 100 yuan to pay ah. At that time did not care he didn’t choose.

alliance. Must look like Yiqifa this junk cat greasy. In league play call, I say they are black alliance, customer service is still questioned how I black. The cost deduction isn’t not clear… Black??? A the public!!!

Almost all

is currently the Internet advertising alliance generally presents a situation of tripartite confrontation form: GG ADSENSE, sh419 theme promotion, Ali mother, is basically the 3 advertising alliance. Ali mother and sh419 theme promotion and GG ADSENSE are very different, in general it is a website publishers advertising position, the main way of advertising advertising advertising position, equivalent to an exchange platform, it is quite a large degree of freedom. Here is my Ali mom advertising 2 years summary of some experience, for reference only.

only discovered their " today; the deduction charge details "

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