SF launched the market but outsiders know little about its founderWhy didn’t you and succeed

why did he succeed? A lot of stars were from him, and he was a circle. Many people are lukewarm at the moment.

what patterns can be replicated? The model of grassroots entrepreneurship can be replicated and can be copied and effective. Replication means not exactly copy, but a replication of thinking patterns, replication of individuality, replication, execution, and

below is the cover story for Entrepreneur Magazine 2011 4, "looking for Wang Wei":

in Beijing cattle, the use of space from the star, in less than 8 months has earned a about one million light receiving VIP a year membership fee of hundreds of thousands, annual fee from the initial 2000 to 4000 now, cattle class more than 20 thousand already! Not statistics in the article by his promotion to make money.

As a founder of

said to me in a real thing, maybe this thing to say not in good taste, but will give us some inspiration, will give us a bit of courage, a direction towards success! More is shaping their independent thinking. How far is thought, how far we can go!

said that a person’s success does not succeed, I am not the final say, nor is it your final word, as you all know, you are successful, you are more successful. The definition of success is relative, you think he has succeeded, but he thinks he hasn’t succeeded yet. Why? Because we have different cognitive ranges and different classes, the world we see is different.

other industries do not say, I talk about the Internet in the small things. There were a lot of big events in these years the Internet, such as shlf1314, sh419 China exit, China became the largest search engine, listed Jingdong, Alibaba is also listed, Ma is known as the richest man in the China in high and vigorous spirits, millet, the business is more prosperous… So, these are. But they don’t seem to have anything to do with us. These people on the altar look very close to us, but they are very far away from us. The story of their success is not replicable.

, Wang Weiji rarely shows up in public or accepts interviews with the media, and the outside world knows very little about it. Five years ago, "entrepreneur" magazine reporter with enthusiasm to find the mysterious figure, but then still can not see me, uncover the mystery.

look at these figures. They’re just Wang Wei’s word power index". Right now, SF!

had a lot of root growth, see a lot of people make money, many people succeed! Yourself very envious, even envy! But you have not thought about why they don’t succeed! I often ask myself, often reflect on their own, think about the reason. Why come from the same starting point, the same foundation, why some people seem casually succeed, and easily earn millions of years, or even tens of millions?.

reading: Chinese express listed tide came, in addition to Shen Tong, tact, SF also began to catch the train.

why? Let’s listen to the cattle brother own interpretation. < >

one day, Wang Wei stood in front of the mirror, he saw a man as a man, he is young, but also fully prepared to just 40 years old. In his peers, he is not so humble. Although very tall, there is always one meter eight up and down, but his looks and clothes are too plain. He had a simple crew cut, a lean face and prominent cheekbones, and his skin was dark and rough because of early years of work and subsequent outdoor activity. He doesn’t dress so well that he can go out with an ordinary shirt. He did not speak, silence when more serious, a preoccupied by some troubles.


often complains about why I don’t succeed, especially on the Internet, and I see

that’s the power of a star, so many fans and so many steel wires.

as the industry leader, SF previously listed on the negative attitude. Founder Wang Wei said, "the benefits of listing is nothing more than money, get the funds needed for the development of enterprises". At this time, announced the launch of the listing plan, once again aroused concern.

here in Beijing to talk about the story of cattle. In Beijing cattle, is not the other person.

you can’t imagine this is one of the most powerful people in the Chinese express industry. In 1993, Wang Wei, 22, founded SF EXPRESS in Guangdong, Shunde. At that time, the company counted Wang Wei himself only 6 people. In 2010, the company’s sales have reached 12 billion yuan, with 80 thousand employees, with an average annual growth rate of 50% and a profit margin of 30%. 18 years ago, when Wang Wei carrying bag filled with land access contracts, letters, samples and customs data from Shunde to Hongkong, he certainly can not think of the future will become the industry champion hundred-percent sf.

the whole of China has been delivered. From Beijing to Shanghai to Shenzhen, all the way to find Wang Wei’s trace, the recent restoration of SF story, we seem to be traveling in a modern river composed of goods. In fact, the logistics force is like a capillary, and their flow and dignity are the barometer of the healthy development of the national economy.

February 18th, issued a "notice" SF listed counseling, SF Holdings Group Limited by Share Ltd intends in the domestic stock market IPO is currently undergoing CITIC Securities, China Merchants Securities Limited by Share Ltd Limited by Share Ltd, Hua Tailian securities limited liability company counseling. Some analysts believe that the market value of SF listed may reach 100 billion yuan.

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