The site was linked to horse mom to blameMMC share soft advertising experience tour

estimates that my mother’s account was stolen Is it a big problem when the account is stolen? If you have a million IP station account stolen? It’s so thoughtful,

      I wrote this article entirely out of anger. Not to mention Ali’s mother. After eating, into the website found pop. Sweat.. it is linked to the horse?

      go into other sites to see immediately, I was not IE poisoning. Other sites normal. Only a careful observation of the contents of the column will appear. See IFRAME JS had no hanging like. All sorts of puzzled today. So to ask a friend. Later this afternoon and finally thought of a new channel Ali Mama advertising. So the new background of advertising. Advertising is a custom malicious

currently, WAP advertising market is filled with a variety of large and small, different types of advertising products, including: SP class, SP class video chargeback chargeback games and software, pure entertainment games and mobile phone software, click on the information sharing and the contents of several. The variety of advertisement type, make a few stationmaster, especially new stationmaster, the advertisement type that chooses to throw is to feel confused. Here, MMC alliance and you Adsense share WAP advertising experience, hope to help you maximize the greatest benefit.

many new owners came to us for help, saying that the previous ads were poor and miserable. Stationmaster one, do not know how to choose the advertisement that suits his website, two is complaining alliance buckle amount is serious in fact, most League has been wronged. The forum, the flying alliance negative message, scared, some inexperienced new Adsense satuijiupao. In fact, the effect of advertising is not good, perhaps the choice of inappropriate advertising types, failed to cater to user preferences. Secondly, improper delivery methods lead to the loss of effective users.

The use of 2.

1. do not eyebrows beard, to be precise to lock users

MMC in the "fantasy I era" of this product in the early days, encountered such a problem: put on the software class website to do, the effect is mediocre. Summing up the reasons, the same lies in the user group does not correspond. Software users demand is relatively high, the fantasy I era to meet the popular entertainment Mobile Games products, the main products are not for the screen users of the class, so the error on the professional game station, even if the user >


some time ago, MMC launched an arc search game advertising products, the product is relatively simple puzzle text games. At first, to the major entertainment, game WAP station Adsense advertising, but the effect is strong, poor. Later summarized and analyzed the reasons, and found that the game, entertainment site users of the game entertainment is relatively high pursuit, focusing on the game quality, manipulation, interactive. The arc search game is relatively static casual word games, obviously unable to meet the user needs of these sites. So MMC changed the strategy and recommended the product to some online reading sites and put them on their game channels. The effect is obvious, and the number of hits and downloads has risen sharply, because most of the users who like to read like simple games, and the word games are their first choice. Such a strategy aimed at the user base allows webmasters and allies to win both. Therefore, MMC suggested that the owners in the choice of advertising products, must have a clear understanding of their own website group preference and advertisement content characteristics, identify the similarities between the two, so the delivery can get better profit effect.

flexible delivery method, greatly enhanced

Li Jun 23:37:07            is linked to the horse? "
y a 23:37:35    the poor; only one channel
y a decision today 23:38:14  do not see what reason
y a 23:38:16    the poor; can not find
Li Jun 23:38:33  address me
y may CSS inside a 23:39:01    the poor; xyxya/html/qcc/20080724/1586.html
y a 23:39:12    the poor; the non mainstream module which is
y a 23:39:57    the Jue; Li Jun Tu;
y a decision Today I put FLASH 23:41:27    also stopped >

MMC here to introduce two turn loss to profitability case, think the webmaster better advertising, provide some reference:

below is part of the chat record with friends

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