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2, the feudal culture influence, the enterprise hierarchy management system is relatively heavy, parents everywhere, the condescending, inferior to the superior to cater to more, there would not say something, dare not ask, cause the communication way; according to China entrepreneur >


Source: QuestMobile

will face what problem?

, with no data from China, used data from the United States and believed the trend was the same. There is no doubt that mobile is to replace PC all-powerful. In less than two years, the user’s online time distribution has changed from 50/50 to 80% in mobile terminals. During the period, all the companies that turned slowly became dinosaurs of this time. Similarly, a hero in troubled times, this alternative process, but also created today’s headlines and a number of mobile era star company.

in addition to the number of users coverage, the giants for users to use when the long occupation is also rolling style.

In fact,

from the information service to the transaction service, from entertainment to the Internet, 2B market is indeed to be excavated, especially people in the enterprise application scene communication, cooperation, marketing, management and other diversified in more attention to communication cost reduction and decision efficiency, while the enterprise market reality there are still many problems in the collaborative communication. It focuses on:

introduction: enterprise services has become a new round of fighting positions, who can move this trillion class market, become the new overlord on top of the list? How should entrepreneurs cut into, and what problems will be faced?

in recent years, China’s Internet industry has shown a "fission" growth, whether it is work, study or life, the Internet has shown unprecedented penetration. When the C end consumer business such as social, communications, electricity providers, games and other industry pattern has been basically fixed, B end enterprise class services began to become a new round of fighting positions. Today, capital into the giant layout, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs also staring at the efficiency of the enterprise market, but who can move this trillion market, become the new overlord champion? How to cut entrepreneurs,

even worse, WeChat has unwittingly occupied our 1/3 to 1/2 mobile phone long the following is my cell phone battery consumption screenshots. And WeChat is still no commercial, large-scale, for the third party traffic distribution mechanism has become a hundred percent

start with a couple of charts:

, Source:, comScore, Multi-Platform, Metrix, UBS

but unfortunately for today’s entrepreneurs, PC’s move to the "troubled times" is rapidly ending. 15 years ago, the demographic dividend of smartphone users began to fade.

potential unlimited enterprise market, communication collaboration still has many problems,

MAU monthly independent users, the top 20 products inside, only micro-blog, the United States Mission and Wifi master key is non BAT.


May 2014, sh419 Robin Li a "future of a big cake China Internet speech in the enterprise software market" by numerous people, people gradually began to look from the consumer 2C service to enterprise 2B service. According to IT orange data show that in 2014 the domestic enterprise level service investment of 230, compared with 67 in 2013, an increase of 243%, and increasing year by year. Our data from the contrast between China and the United States can see huge opportunities in the field of toB, such as the Sino US venture capital in a field of two To B and To C of the investment ratio, Chinese is 95% To C:5% To B, while the United States is 40% To B:60% To C, now the United States the number of enterprises in the 2700 or so, Oracle, in the United States three business services company SAP, Salesforce and the market value of around $350 billion. While China currently has about 22 million enterprises, more than 43 million entrepreneurial team, but there is no market value of billions of dollars of enterprise service companies.


1, because the organization level, company wide geographical distribution, the informatization level is uneven, all kinds of heterogeneous systems division management makes the information transmission level, or because of others for the maintenance of human information filtering part or modify information, resulting in the distortion of information, form a communication barrier.

users when the long list of the top 20 inside, only today’s headlines, flush, Sohu video and unfamiliar street is non BAT products.

Source: Strategy Analysis

mobile applications account for the proportion of multi platform consumer Internet products used

, and that’s only half the bad news. The other half is: the Internet giant is completing its layout and is beginning to tighten control over its users.

2015, for Internet start-ups and investment terms, is a year of ups and downs. From the beginning of the wind and water, to the end of the calm, a bit of a sudden switch. For a time, it seems that entrepreneurs and investors suddenly find the hot spots, began to spin in situ. Taking advantage of the Spring Festival holiday, looking back on the dribs and drabs of 2015, I try to find a reasonable explanation for what happened. One of the conclusions is that Internet start-ups have entered the Hard model.

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