Zero cost approach to earn tens of thousands of monthlyNetwork ghost woman breakdown of Taobao passe

simply put, you just sell the other shopping nets to your store. If you often go to the shopping online, as long as you are careful you will find the same product, have different prices, in fact, some people just do this, in other shopping online purchase, sales in their own shop, such as dangdang a DVD price of 5 yuan of money, he in his shop is the price of 7 yuan, but he do not have to spend a cent, the only thing to do is to, with the products, pictures and other copy to their own shop, move the mouse, will earn two dollars.

how much do you earn each month, depending on the time and effort invested?. I have seen one month, 1000-2000 yuan, and there are tens of thousands. welcome brothers joined flow alliance, link free play, not limited to techniques, as long as there is flow into the immediate return, than Links more directly, O a _ U O


, in fact there are many skills, let you according to this principle, make more money, if the shop price is too high, the natural products sold, in order to make your products sell more, your price in your shop selling products, such as a watch you see the price on eBay. Is 100 yuan, you in your shop on the sales price of 100 yuan, or even so you can earn money. Why, the first of these shopping sites often engage in activities, such as the purchase of 100, back 20 yuan in cash, gift gifts, these are for shoppers, but you are not your shoppers, buyers, shopping is to sell, purchase quantity with relatively large, get cash back will be more like this one month down, only by these, you can earn a few thousand dollars. In addition, these shopping sites should stipulate that when the amount of shopping has reached a certain amount, free postage, so you can make a profit.

              Taobao is a Wangzhuan fire in a few years ago, many people have to earn his first pot of gold by Taobao customers. More and more webmaster also began to continue to launch a series of Taobao guest course, different Adsense has different promotion experience, but all have some influence on novices. The new Adsense started as a Taobao customer is through the learning of others tutorial, trydifferent methods, 10% owners became Taobao off more of the 90% master, novice webmaster is likely to die young, to engage in something else.

This is the basic principle of

              I was also idle a little more than a month ago, and began to really start Taobao customers. My method is to do their own one or two small station for a single product promotion, but do station more than 1 months, according to their own experience and knowledge learned here today, count the five sins of Taobao passengers. These five sins are my own mistakes, but also analysis of other people’s Web site to see the error. Write it down today. On the one hand, you can warn yourself that you must never make the same mistake in the future; on the other hand, give the novice webmaster a small hint or a warning.

              the first sin; Taobao’s herd effect;

this is a self-made way to make money, without a penny invested, and without any risk. Online shop, we all know, online shop is the most troublesome is unable to find a good purchase channels, or goods can not sell. But actually you do not need to spend a penny, you can also buy goods, and you can enter a lot of goods, and do not worry about the goods can not sell. Now tell me how to make it easy for you to make money,

              mention "herd effect"; I don’t think it’s strange. In the marketing world, herding is often play the most incisive, and this strategy is tested. Small streets and lanes of quacks selling God of medicine, to large multinational companies will use herding to increase their sales performance. However, there is also "herding" in the Taobao industry. Is that a good thing or a cup? A station owner makes a lot of money by making weight-loss products from Taobao customers, so he takes some videos and begins teaching others how to make a lot of money by doing weight-loss products. Anyone in the industry that earns money is willing to do it, so not too much

you must first to taobao to register a shop, then you go to eBay, Dangdang this shopping website, go shopping, see what products, easy to sell, then the details of the product, the product pictures in your shop. For example, you see a book, Dangdang can feel, you will come to your website to sell this book, when people buy the book in your store, you have to dangdang to buy this book, fill in the shipping address in your shop to buy the customer address.

              in fact, although they are new, but still think that no matter what you do, you must be able to stick to it. I was influenced by some tutorials on the web, constantly changing my own practices and trying new ways, although I didn’t have much success, but I saw the effect. Do people off the success of the Taobao There are plenty of people who, every successful though they are using different methods, but one thing is for sure is that they insist on down. Below to look at Taobao off the five deadly sins:

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