Papi sauce for the first time line speech talk about content and ndustryZhou Hongqi short video

, initial development and scalable profit model

delivery channel to hand in a set of viewing, filming, editing, sharing in one of the "short video App platform and a community" for example, the second shot is the micro-blog group, is the largest China towards short video creation and consumption platform development, on the other hand there are also vertical positions for example, play the main way of life "describe the video", "Kung Fu hit financial sector finance", a short video of the second flagship sports Hi "etc..

from the media electricity supplier


mobile Internet quickly changed the behavior of people reading and entertainment in the mobile terminal, the 3G era, is the main text, audio and other multimedia primary occupation of fragments of time, and to the 4G era, the short video has become one of the main form of fast light reading.

, one and two, are likely to have broad imagination after their business extends to eco – construction, such as

advertising: with in the process of advertising communication, or ads and other content.

to the original short video based media emerged, content relates to funny Papi sauce, delicacy Magic delicacy, life a, two, creative Zheng Yun, entertainment Wang Nima, knowledge Luo Ji, poet and other vertical thinking in the field.

video media + vertical field + community + interactive = strong dissemination promotion platform

A and two more of the two media are classified as "life quality video" in a broad sense, such as documentary method to introduce an unassuming shop and happy oh boss, or the designer and craftsman ingenuity or youth dream?? the two media bear the cost. Shoot PGC Professionally Generated Content, specializing in the production of content content, every day to release a short original video, free of charge to the user viewing, transfer different characters world outlook and outlook on life SOCIAL people and values self and others, with a deep and take heart, poke heart, very fast attract millions of onlookers.

video media + net red live + brand + electricity supplier = to help promote

in March this year, Papi sauce announced to accept 12 million yuan financing; in April, her video first patch ad shot 22 million high prices. Since then, the Central Academy of Drama graduates under the "2016 first red net" of the head, under the eye, and her team carefully walked every step.

local time on November 2nd, Papi sauce in the west coast of the United States University of Southern California debut, and 9 domestic content entrepreneurial team together to make a public speech.


film and television production: not through the 4A company planning direct customer customization, platform customization, 4A company system.

life class fine video of the initial development path, mainly in line and offline linkage, so the initial stage of profit model is nothing more than the following three:

accepts the Commission: instead of putting it on the playing platform or new media.

A large number of

video media + business platform = self built content electricity supplier

one is similar to the two initial development path, but the trajectory of the subsequent development is quite different, and the business model is different:

she is still a short video in nature, handsome appearance, Liu Qi, ponytail, a red sweater, but the opening is no longer fully and delightfully Tucao, but talking about content and industry. This is her first line speech.

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