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3, also called net rebate, rebate network. Personally optimistic about this to do Taobao customers, and I am also put into action. Whether it can continue to develop depends on the attitude of Taobao, because the rebate network is suspected of unfair competition. But we must admit that the rebate network is a good grasp of the buyer’s psychology. On Taobao shopping, many people figure is a cheap, in addition, you can see the evaluation of buyers. Buyers are generally accustomed to Taobao search shopping, and then according to the price, geographical, credit rating, ah, and then compromise to choose one, three aspects can be >

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

2, do price network. Price network has been a relatively hot topic, but need some technical ability, for these personal webmaster feel threshold is a little high.

, sh419 likes a simple structure of the web page, with a complex structure of the web page may not be successful login sh419. You should try your best to do web design:

1. add to each page title.

Web page title, it is recommended that you use your site name or company name, title and other content suggest each page page, the contents of different web pages without the same title.

2. do not put the entire page into a Flash or a picture

3. "do not redirect

redirect "may not be easy to sh419.

1, a single page web site, which is also a 9 day, 950 revenue source site. Take my weight loss product chart 2010, for example, this is a stand around IP100, but brings almost a single daily results. This shows that, a high rate of transformation of the site, traffic customers are clear purposes, there is a tendency to buy. As long as you choose the keyword, and then use a certain SEO technology, and even do AdWords promotion, are likely to profit. Here’s a single page, the interface must be beautiful and generous, users see the affinity, the most important thing is that people feel that the site is more formal.

personally feel that the following guest site worth replication:

preface all said it was difficult to do Taobao customers, but this is not the case. As long as you have mastered the ideas and methods of Taobao customers, it is not far from making money.

Taobao passengers are not difficult to do, the key is your ideas and methods. When you are ready to enter the Taobao customer, please must sort out your thoughts, how are you going to do, how to do Taobao promotion? We can put the way off general summarized as 2 kinds, one is the use of website promotion including free blog, the other is not their own website, such as by the forum text do, e-books, software development may be powerful, using the software platform Amoy advertising hang. Here we focus on how I use the website to do promotion.


website promotion, many new people made a very serious mistake, too much believe in the role of included. The mom in a Taobao guest forum, you can see many webmaster in primary buy source, because they can’t resist the temptation of the seller, the seller claimed that sh419 included hundreds of thousands or even millions, is true. But how much, this millions of included weight, how can you bring traffic? Even if you can bring traffic, but also let the seller himself away. Because the source of a flood, everyone’s content is the same, the search engine has a bad impact. So, if you are really in Taobao off their mettle, please give up the rampant on the network generalized API guest source.

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