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well, the procedure is so simple, only three. Some friends ask, "did anyone buy it?" the answer is yes. Mother’s Day gifts are now almost 100%, while Taobao’s mother’s day presents are carefully chosen. They are both practical and beautiful, and children will choose.

2010, Li Zhiguo keen to see the trend of the mobile Internet came, and then there are two choices, one is their own business, one is to do investment, to help others start their business. At that time, he thought, he has a record industry, and its own product origin, often there will be a lot of new Idea, if the investment can change the mobile Internet for various industries from a different point of view. After making up his mind, Li Zhiguo left Alibaba again, in the next 3 years GP career, he has invested in a quick taxi, mogujie, petals and other outstanding business projects.


1: open Taobao, in Taobao’s web page must have mother’s Day related content, open will find a lot of beautiful gifts, well, we have to choose is these beautiful gifts.

2: according to these gifts to find the owner of the shop, ask him whether to do the promotion of Taobao customers, find a few do Taobao guest promotion beautiful gifts, go to Taobao guest backstage to find their own links.

then our opportunity to make money comes when everyone is giving a holiday gift to their mother. Now online shopping can be said to be a popular mess, you think about it, when the mother in May 10 received an express the same day, opened when you found that you sent a very nice gift, what will her mood

this is the best of times, the Internet gives us all the ideal into reality; it was the age of wisdom, the traditional finance is using the Internet to geometrically growth; it was the epoch of belief, those successful entrepreneurs have become the era of the most active "positive energy" infinite propagation.

you can see, it is another year’s mother’s day, and the major websites are using this hot spot for activities. sh419 index’s "mother’s Day" in May 8th attention has reached 44972, can be said to be an absolute hot spot these days, for the good grasp of the hot webmaster friends, this is a good opportunity to make money.

| Li Mei

link address: 6688wz.cn/silu/182.htm

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3: in your , MSN, SNS, BBS and other links to promote, so that someone bought a gift, you will get the corresponding commission.

from all walks of life to understand the development of mobile Internet, access to more things. Li Zhiguo also understood behind the commonness, feel the most profound is the mobile Internet on.

now, let us take you into the investment community exclusive planning – "Internet Financial Subversion: who is leveraging our era"


Internet and traditional finance, this is a wonderful chemical reaction, also be an unknown cross boundary "travel"". Although the curtain has been opened, there is no doubt that we understand it much less than every previous Internet revolution. Seeking the unknown is the greatest pleasure, and finding the answer is the mission of the investment community".

2009 May 10th, another year of mother’s day. Maybe you’re still hesitating about all kinds of gifts, and maybe you’re sorry for not being able to go home. That’s all right. The international online fashion channel and shoe network launched the "mother’s Day" ceremony to tell you how to express your love on Mother’s day. And you can grab a premium prize for your mom,

Li Zhiguo thinks he is always a restless person, in 1999 through a long article on the Internet to get insights into the Alibaba’s appreciation of ma. 04 years to resign, founder of word-of-mouth network, 4 years later, quite successful reputation network was Ali acquisition, Li Zhiguo returned to the Alibaba.

for digging money, now is still staking the stage, most people have smart phones, but do not necessarily know that you can use mobile phones to manage assets, the market growth is still very large. In addition, digging money began to try to provide more financial products from the second half of last year, and give users the system evaluation, provide appropriate financial services, if these two things can do, we can form a closed loop, the next 1-2 years, the profit is not our goal, our goal in the long-term future.

we can use online shopping this mother’s day and the two combined to do Wangzhuan to make money. Here are a few steps:

mother’s Day carnations, now obsolete, and many of the mothers are not practical things is not interested, as children, the use of this holiday opportunity for mother to send some practical and useful gifts, believe that mothers will be very happy.

in this spring full of entrepreneurial vitality, the emergence of a number of new financial circles in the Internet banking circles. They are financial leaders or technical geeks, they have no fear of all courage, also have a parcel of the universe spirit. They are the subversive of the times and the reformers of this time.

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