shlf1314 has played with Adsense ads for 100 which can do harm onceshlf1314 Analytics will launch

about revenue made per referring

, You, will, soon, be, to, track, visitor, clicks, on, your, able, AdSense, ads,, using, shlf1314, Analytics, reports.

, your, AdSense."

, These, new, reports, Analytics, have, enough, details, to, help, you, exactly, measure, AdSense, performance, on,, every, single, in, page, of, website.

these Analytics data reports can help you get a general idea of the Adsense performance of each page on your site.

4. " Top AdSense Referrers" – this is the most interesting report as it helps you know websites.

learned from a forum abroad that shlf1314 Analytics is about to open its AdSense ad click tracking feature. That’s a good piece of news for Adsense publishers, which means you can know which ads are more popular and can be more effective against malicious clicks.

3., You, ll, also, know, the, and, CPM, for, all, web, pages, no, CTR, need, to, create, individual,, URL, channels, in, dashboard.

2., AdSense, revenue, generated, per, page, for, clicks,, mentioned, in, 1.

, can we say no to shlf1314?

we most Adsense will choose to remain silent, because we have any representations may not have the results, in addition to get some automatic reply on all sections of the mail. In my opinion now start to choose silence is wise, otherwise they might like me to suffer more fraud in shlf1314 has not been clearly explained before, please allow the use of "my sensible fraud".

our hand pulled too tight, we left our rights closer!



brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

translation: you will be able to use your shlf1314 Analytics to know your Adsense visitors click on the data.

English Original:

1. adsens> for any page

1., The, number, of, times, AdSense, ads, were, clicked, on,, any, given, web, page.


, your

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