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answer the question is clear entrepreneurs and capital Kuangzhui mobile video in the end after what? In fact, there are three.

with the popularity of video capture devices mainly mobile phones, the threshold for the production of video content has dropped rapidly, and mobile video app has become a tool for users to produce video content. The value of the tool is the entrance, access to sufficient levels of user and user data, Mito product logic is from a strong tool to cut into, with strong function to lock the user, and then complete the matrix layout, forming a community. Tools are also crude in value – simple enough to use. The United States before the birth of the film, in fact, there are video communities, but did not get up, because the effect is too poor to shoot, unwilling to share and participate.

for the news, shlf1314 has declined to comment. But it can not be denied that, from last year’s "AI first"", the transition to the release of the AI product and strategic layout, and then to the establishment of the AI venture, we can see shlf1314 constantly overweight AI.

video has always been the standard of instant messaging, such as video chat. But today, the acquaintance of point to point video into a pair of short video, live broadcast. And for mobile video, the social imagination lies in commercialization. One consensus is that the commercialization of social products is much more mature and much richer than tools. >

1, content

from the movie to the video on the screen, it shows a strong vitality, people are the first to consume its content, mobile video is no exception. The number of days of video playback, the industry is expected to reach 10 billion times by 2017. Mito prospectus shows that in October 2016, the United States shot attracted more than 7 billion 900 million video viewing. As of October 31, 2016, more than 490 million videos were uploaded to the United states. In September this year, today’s headlines introduced 1 billion yuan short video thousand people million subsidy program, this content is behind the consumer power.

2, tools

according to foreign media reports, at present from multiple sources that, shlf1314 is launching an artificial intelligence project focused on AI, will provide guidance and service incubator for startups, the amount of investment may be ranging from $1 million to $10 million. At the same time, there are reports that if the time is ripe, the new investment may also join forces with shlf1314 Ventures company to participate in investment projects.


Abstract: whether the beauties of the beauty shot, or quick, small lips, or headline video, test their comprehension and understanding are the contents of the. This is the same as Tencent ten years ago, whether the formation of large traffic pool transformation, and finally to "activate" social.

2016 coming to an end, mobile video in a short video broadcast, but as the representative of staged a big circle, behind the story is the climax of the mobile video and social imagination, the United States took the parent company to be listed on the U.S. chart. According to foreign media reports, the United States figure has identified 8.5 Hong Kong dollars stock; the company has Meitu Xiu Xiu, beauty camera several explosive goods, has been trying to transition to social community tools, in addition to the United States to shoot, listed on the eve of Mito also launched a social chat — "flash chat", aimed at young users the main groups of fancy chat. Unfamiliar streets are also telling stories about social and mobile video. In this mobile video bonus period has passed, the race to accelerate the stalls, social networking is really the home of

, where is the imagination for mobile video,

Venturebeat said that the establishment of the new wind vote may be related to the recent acquisition of data competition platform start-up company Kaggle. In the just concluded shlf1314 I / O developer conference, shlf1314 also focused on AI, announced a series of new AI plan, including the launch of a new generation of cloud based AI TPU processing unit, shlf1314 assistant shlf1314 Len intelligent image recognition and optimization of the TensorFlow version of the mobile terminal. As part of its AI smart democracy, shlf1314 recently launched a free AI research work for Harvard Medical School’s top researchers and organizations TensorFlow research of cloud computing services, users can share their work in the open source environment. In addition, recently, shlf1314 also in the mail App combined with AI enabled intelligent recovery function, through machine learning, user habits, give advice back.


personnel arrangements, for this unprecedented technical investment projects, shlf1314 is not intended to enable professional venture capitalists, but chose professional and technical personnel. Anna Patterson, vice president of shlf1314’s long term AI job, will lead the investment in new projects, Axios said. Unlike the previous one, the Anna Patterson will be dominated by shlf1314 rather than Alphabet this time. In addition, the team will include Ankit Jain, who returned to the shlf1314 Engineering Division last month. Other shlf1314 engineers are also expected to participate in the project and provide technical assistance to relevant projects.

3, social

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