Strategy recommendations for domain investors in 2013


domain name investment income has been concerned by the majority of the domain name cadelle. Therefore, it is necessary for us to plan the domain name investment in 2013, so as to get a better income.

The purpose of

investment is to make money, but we should take into account the possible risks of investment in the process of investment. Therefore, from a risk perspective, if investment risk is too high, then the good income is no good. Therefore, to control the risk of investment in the first place, this is the basis of scientific investment.

therefore, the risk of controlling the domain name investment must be the most concern factor of each domain name investor, and always placed in the first position. Only then will our domain name investment be without loss. As Buffett said, the risk is too high, and the higher returns are zero. Not at all.

therefore, from now on, our domain investor must learn, control and master Buffett’s stock investment theory. The reason why we learn his theory is that Buffett’s investment theory is suitable and applied to the domain name investment. And, fundamentally, domain names are safer, more profitable, and more risky than stock investments. In this sense, domain name investment is preferred to stock investment.

has the foundation of the investment theory, we should grasp all kinds of opportunities, that is luck. If one is lucky enough, the chances of getting good meters are great. For example,, the Xinhua news agency, tomatoes. This domain name should be said to have high luck. At that time, as domain name investment, I am looking for, tomatoes, found that the domain name for the German control, and the price is high, gave up the acquisition. But, as a brief domain name for tomatoes, is as valuable as starting a seller. Everything comes to him who waits。 seller found, after some bargaining, and finally to a more ideal price to come in. It should be said that the price is not too high. In this sense, any domain name investor must pay attention to the opportunities brought by his own luck. If you can’t even control this, then don’t consider investing in domain names.

has luck. Next, let’s consider the price.

as long as the product is good enough, the price is actually not a problem. Any domain name investor, when investing in domain name, must judge the important place of product judgement. Otherwise, in some worthless domain, is cheaper, I feel very expensive. For some very good domain name, price, I feel very cheap., for example, sounds good. This domain name is good. And the voice TV trials have been popular on both sides of the Changjiang River. So, from this point of view, sound is an excellent domain name that is worth holding. For another example, This domain name is what we found when we invested. Good domain name. The product is good, and after making great efforts, the price has been greatly improved. Finally get this domain >

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