Mobile nternet civilian use of Discuz X3 0 build mobile sites

every year webmaster conference Discuz will release a new version, this year’s 2013 entrepreneurs (webmaster) conference is no exception, this time Discuz! X3.0 release, marking the mobile Internet civilians arrival. At the end of the conference, I upgraded a forum to X3.0 and experienced one.


Dicuz! Optimizer master

for the first time using Discuz’s friend, Discuz!! is more like a set of portals, forums, SNS is one of the multi function program, modify the webmaster can put the program into portal station, forums, blogs and other forms, there are 1000 kinds of templates in the application center, can be achieved when the popular website interface.

from Discuz! X3.O background, seemingly small change products (probably the underlying optimization so as not to), I see now is the increase of website optimization master function, which is very helpful to understand SEO’s friend.


mobile display form

I think

, Discuz! X3.0’s biggest feature is to show the form of mobile Internet (with the theme of this conference to embrace the mobile Internet), the convenience of the station construction of mobile station, Lao Chen in the 2013 entrepreneurs conference site also said: in fact, Discuz! Forums, accessed via the WAP form is far more users more than APP, according to our statistics and projections, now every day through the WAP access forum users have more than five million, accounting for 1/10 of the total, the number is far more than the number of active users of APP independent website content.

, take a look at the contrast between the old version and the X3.0 mobile station:


: home page contrast

The new version of

comes out with Discuz, minimalist, regular and touch-screen versions to fit different handsets and browsers. The interface is more relaxed and more like a APP.


chart: post list page contrast


diagram: content page contrast

new content page more prominent function of replies, but the interface layout is not satisfactory, especially members of the information display part.

okay, if it’s Discuz, users can easily build an attractive mobile station.

Optimization of

mobile station

mobile phone screen is small, the interface design is particularly important. Also.

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