run the financial stock website experience must not be eager for quick success and instant benefi

operating stock website for six months, in addition to the experience of most of the webmaster must experience, say my stock of financial industry website management ideas and some experience.

for the stock station, there is a certain particularity, have done stock friends know, stock investment speculation is a very uncertain. The possibility of making money may lose money. For ordinary people, the term "retail" in the stock market is mostly losing money. The 28 law of the stock market says that most people lose money and only a few people make money. So what do we mean by the stock industry website? At this point, we should start with the psychology of the visitors.

one, stock website content orientation:

(1) Baidu search index, "stock entry" of the word every day in Baidu search is very high, that there are a lot of layman added to the stock market every day, there are many beginners in learning introductory knowledge. This shows that most retail investors remain at the initial stage. To this end, our stock website in the content of positioning, we must improve the primary knowledge of the stock weight. And the location should be obvious, visitors will be able to see the knowledge section he wants at a glance, and list the most frequently asked questions about the visitors in the front page. Otherwise, the visitor came for a long time and did not find what he wanted. He would leave and would not like to come again.

(2) Baidu search index, "stock market" equally popular, because the stock market is updated in real time, to see every day, so the stock website set up stock market sector, will greatly improve the site’s traffic and user viscosity, as long as the user experience is good, this time, next time also is likely to. Yes, once, two times, and probably every day. Therefore, the stock of such data for the high demand for the industry, the market functions indispensable. And do it well.

(3) real-time financial news for stocks all know, the national policy and the real-time financial news on stock market often has an important influence to investors every day in the morning to see the news and policy direction happened last night, even always view real-time dynamic. Can’t imagine a do not care, do not care about the stock investors can do a good job in financial news. Therefore, our stock website will provide such functions, to ensure that the news readable, meaningful and targeted. If you put entertainment news on the stock website, visitors will feel that the website is not professional enough. A boring visitor might look at it. However, the visit to the stock station is highly targeted. Just for the stock market, finance, not necessarily interested in other content. For our stock station owners, it is enough to do a good job in finance and economics.

(4) analysis of the stock market, opinions stressed the importance of a little, this is definitely not what we stock, for review, I am very disgusted. It is often said that the East refers to the West and confuses the retail investors. As for the stock investment industry, investors often feel great because of the great risk and uncertainty

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