See the ultimate weapon for newbies

, I’m a rookie station owner. I don’t have any special computer training, word, Excel, PS, which I haven’t learned, let alone ASP, PHP, and so on. Website is purely personal hobby, I am more perfect pursuit of this person, or do not do, do it well, and this has become a motive for my website.

remember when you started doing your website, because you didn’t know the language, it was rather hard to do. So, you just look for tutorials online. My website is under the efforts of a little bit of effort to do it. I choose the website program, is everyone is very familiar with CMS, the template is under the official website, and through their own simple modifications, so, my website was born. I’m on a non mainstream website, because almost all of these sites are pictures and Martian texts. It’s easier for me to get started. Originally intended to use the first letters as the domain name, but listen to a friend said that the domain name not what value, I think it is not without reason, through their own thinking, their own domain name to determine down, which is now the, so every day I was in your site is busy (had not heard of SEO, do not know what is called SEO), because I was in school, the time is not so free, but I have the time you went to Internet cafes to add content to your web site. Every day has not stopped, hoped that the spider can visit my station.

has been doing web sites for nearly two months now, and Baidu snapshots are updated every day. Although the daily amount of browsing is very small, for me, I am satisfied. Because these are the result of my efforts. I believe that as long as I continue to insist, the website will certainly develop.

is not a long time to do the website, but let me understand a truth: "do everything must have perseverance."". The reason is simple, but it is not so easy to do. Here, I hope that those who have just stood new Adsense, must have persistent determination, even though they do not have excellent skills, but you insist, because I am such a step by step. Only persistent efforts, the heart has a clear goal, in order to achieve their ultimate goal.

finally, I wish you all the webmaster friends, perseverance, courage, browse, the gold into the bag is also Hua hua. As a novice, badly written, please don’t laugh at me! Thank you


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