Hungry Zhang Xuhao 2000 employees wolf driven hurricane expansion

[Abstract] in just five months, hungry, covering the city from 20 to 200, the number of employees from 200 to 2000 people suddenly.

early in the year, hungry, founder Zhang Xuhao has given the goal is to expand to 150 cities

reported in October 20th ran technology Tencent

started in Shanghai university outside delivery platform hungry, in public comment after the $80 million investment, is force a new round of crazy expansion.

in just five months, covering cities from 20 to 200 approaches, the number of employees from 200 people suddenly increased to more than 2000 people. At the same time, hungry, the day of publication of the odd orders also showed 10 times growth, from the acceptance of investment when the 100 thousand single line rose to 1 million single. Even in the rapid growth of the Internet industry characterized by these figures put out enough to make people dumbfounded.

led several of the team’s founders, 85 after, from 0 to the national expansion, they spent five years.

, who has been hungry for five years, the founder, CEO, Zhang Xuhao and his team have repeatedly stressed that executive power is the key to early "win". Since the graduate school at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and concon alumni founded during the hungry, they are first in the colleges and universities in Shanghai District beat founded earlier takeaway website "small leaf alone", then in the expansion period in the Beijing area, knock down a lot of the same type takeaway platform.

said the company is currently in charge of a large family of 2000 people, Zhang Xuhao said he is not concerned about the number of elements, but he also admitted that, according to the current growth rate, to the end of the hungry to grow into a 4000 person company is just a conservative estimate".

hungry, relatively flat organizational structure, the company suddenly increased the size of 10 times, giving Zhang Xuhao enormous management challenges.

he admitted, "this management way before the people under the condition of less may be feasible, but now need to improve".

Zhang Xuhao’s great leap forward: a confrontation with the US team

although the expansion is this year’s established strategy, but this growth rate is obviously far beyond the hungry plan, at the beginning of the year, Zhang Xuhao has given the goal is to expand to 150 cities during the year.

direct stimulation hungry, speed up the pace, is the end of last year into the takeaway market of the United States group. With five years of hard work in the group buying market, the US team has accumulated a wealth of experience in pushing and managing the team, so competitors have to be hungry. In addition to hold the initial establishment of a mature market first mover advantage, hungry to push the team is more in the new entrants to the three or four line of the city, and the regiment fight hand to hand with.

recently, a hungry member of the founder and chief strategy officer, Kang Jia’s internal training video was posted online

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