The writing opportunity of the original article influences its function

last time we discussed Baidu in the end can not identify the original article, today we discuss the original article, when to write, helpful to improve the quality of the site.

, here are three periods I’ve analyzed for you:

. When the new station was built, just like you have to apply for a job, there are your own characteristics, the chances of success are naturally larger.

The weight of

a new start to get high, let the spider to crawl into the network without content, let the spider would fall in love with you, but not to crawl to a collection of content and some of his own stock in the same way that new things can move like natural spider, this time the role of the original great, you have 1 weeks or longer are original to attract the spider, the spider can stand for you trust, you can manually copy others articles to your own station, the spider will still receive, they also thought it was a new thing you do this! I think spiders also really a little man, so new original first stage is very important. Adhere to some industry technical posts, experience posts, their views, hot spots, reviews and so on, can be used to write the object.

two. When Baidu is not very friendly to you, you need originality to add points to you.

The first phase of

has been carried out, maybe you no original, every day is in copying others article, this time the spider on your station may not too cold, appear included reducing, or not included, or included second days to delete etc.. This time that spiders have found your article and others have what difference, your trust in nature is reduced, so this time you have to keep up with the original work, adhere to the original articles every day let the spider, let him feel your content is new, is unique in the network and let him continue to love your station, then you will also win the trust of spiders. Suggest that you do not lazy, as far as possible every day or 2 days of original articles, to increase the spider’s confidence in you, when their trust in you improved, you stand of the overall weight of natural high. So when you stand down the weight of the original is a good medicine (of course, even outside, but today we do not talk about the outside)

three. When you have a certain amount of traffic, you need original features to keep visitors.

in front of the 2 has let the spider can trust you, you stand weight also improved, visitors can also through your words or articles such as come to your web site. At this time, the original article, which is not visible elsewhere, is to let visitors stay behind to support your secret weapon. This time the content is usually said that the content is king, if you just do garbage station, do not consider the user, nature, this can not see. Want to develop more, then still need to have user support you, with loyal users, not afraid of search engines to your right down, also don’t be afraid of a day search engine to put you K>

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