King Kaka how can write a good soft Wen title

Now we all know the importance of soft

in website promotion in the soft, all content is original, pseudo original can also be put aside, the content, the reader at first glance, to see the most is the title of the site, estimated the mention of the title, everyone’s first reaction is the title of the party, now we on the title of the party are very disgusted, so I want to communicate with everybody is not how to write the title of the party today, but how reasonable to write good soft Wen title, here I usually write the title of the inspection, and here we exchange.

1: headlines can be new, but don’t write title, Party

has put this one in the front, because now all of the title of the party is hated, often do not know the content in the reader see the title when they click on the inside to see the article, but see the content when the difference is one hundred and eight thousand, estimated the next not see your article, is even this site is not here. Therefore, this title must first avoid the title of party, although it can bring traffic, but this will only slowly lose your credibility.

2, titles can be appropriate to keep current current events and hot topics

the problem considered previously but do not know how specific do use is not reasonable, a few days ago and Xi’an SEO amateur webmaster Li Wei talk, he mentioned the problems with current events and hot topics to do his experience he said, for example, a few days before the event, Xi’an influenza A the needle, there are eleven events play route arrangement hot topic, then search the related information, his website in Baidu and Google are ranked on the first page, not only let visitors see the information they need, it is important to increase the weight of the website. So sometimes it’s possible to take advantage of the current events as the title, so it might work wonders.

3, in the title of the best digital

One way we often use

these estimates, most of the articles in my blog are to do so, the title the click rate is also good, such as increasing the 6 common methods of reverse link, concern 10 Links issues and so on, personally think that everyone love these summary talk about the title from the title, know the content on the website is mainly about what, at present this kind of title or use more, you will find a more careful.

4: questions and rhetorical questions, yes, Title

this kind of title, can often evoke everyone’s interest, such as the title of an article < < how to write good soft Wen Title > > if the reader, just to see this title, it is very easy to arouse their curiosity or just what they want, they immediately click in to see the.

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