Enterprise website promotion actual combat sharing

our company is doing cosmetics merchants, to tell the truth of our products is also very good, responsible for the franchisee, the franchisee is not like some other, after collecting money for the customer department, which is how I will to do site promotion work for this company. The company is mainly text-based, but the conversion rate is not very high, so the new revision is being planned. Cut the crap. Now, how do I promote the station?.

is the first to spend money for Baidu while Baidu is black, but still have to rely on it, here is not to give Baidu advertising we tried this multi media, Baidu is also the best effect, but also must put Baidu, Baidu this kind of advertising is the accurate marketing, so be sure to do the precise thinking with the Baidu customer service not to go, they will only let you go to the consumer, not to consider how your client’s intention. So we must consider when the selected keywords, you really will not go to the customers to use the word to find the information he needs, there is a need to be aware of is the description of Baidu, is the best title directly to their price advantage to write because most of the customers will be the price advantage to attract come in, there is a Baidu is the description below the title first is refined saying the biggest advantages in describing themselves joining the most attractive policy, then that is their company free call. In fact, we do have a Baidu consumer boundaries, within the limits of consumption in this very difficult to have effect, more than the limit price is very poor, just at this point, the price is very good, for the cosmetics industry in terms of what I think is through the statistics of 1200-1300 consumption, the price is the best, can about 30 customers every day. If less than 1200, the customer will not be more than 22, if the consumption of more than 1300, even more than 2000, bringing the customer is also at most 35, so it is very uneconomical.

second is the site optimization in Baidu in addition to do the bidding, do SEO after all need to reduce delivery costs in Baidu, optimize the word within the short time to see an effect, but his role will slowly out. I started this station optimization a month ago, has now made up of 3 key words (cosmetic agent, agent cosmetics, cosmetics in Guangzhou), the effect is good, in fact, not what optimization difficult, mainly is to choose keywords increase external links to adjust the site TITLE and describes the other is effective to update the site the original article is very important.

if you need, I will write out the detailed optimization process.

third is the forum post, in the BBS post to send some useful post to the net friend, can’t always send some advertising stickers, no value, others will not see, the moderator will delete. The posting process is a systematic process that requires a plan. I post >

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