mproved = create design parallax scrolling and graphical rendering in web pages



ONE parallax scrolling effect Parallax Scrolling

you when ever played NES or bully the above game



these games are basically through the foreground and background in the scene when moving different parallax, so as to achieve a simple three-dimensional effect


so parallax scrolling is nothing new. We played it when we were kids……

is now used in more and more foreign websites as a result of parallax scrolling. It has become a hot trend in web design


gives it to redefine



but the use of such effects also depends on the specific environment and the overall performance of the final page, preventing the pages from being too sluggish.

secondly, the design must have a very close association,

parallax scrolling effect of the main features:

1, intuitive design, fast response speed, more suitable for single page


2, differential scrolling layered parallax


Many of the elements on the

page are rolled independently of each other, and if we come to other layers, you can have two to three layers: the background layer, the content layer, the mapping layer, and the

(can you make it any more? Can you make it visually?)

implementation rules for differential scrolling:

scrolling (slowest)

background layer

scroll layer (element between content layer and background layer) scrolling (slow)

Scroll from the

content layer (consistent with the scrolling speed of the page)

we’ve made the three layers scroll at different speeds and made a nice difference scrolling effect,

as a designer, you can………


1, use big background

these background images are generally high resolution, large images, covering the entire site.

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