How did you become a qualified web analyst at the end of 2010

signature: perhaps we do not know, the authors of SEMWatch are doing in 2010 SEM industry or individual summary and finishing work. These work may be some important events analysis, may be some trends, prospects, more likely to be some actual combat experience, or for a topic of analysis and tips, and so on. If it goes well, eventually, the job will be met in the form of white paper at the end of next year or early next year. Because I left SEM for a long time, and do so), unwilling to remain out of the limelight; – the website analysis a summary of the experience. I take the risk of revealing the news and hope that we will continue to pay attention to semwatch and welcome the new year together. Here, wish everyone a merry Christmas ahead of you!



Web Analyst, a little better translation, called website analyst. As a relatively new career, there is no clear line between what the job requires and the routine of the job. I had the privilege of working with a 360 degree marketing company with a full range of services, working with this hat for more than 2 years for customers in large and small industries. In the meantime, the website analysis of the composition of the graphics made a version of another edition, the more the greater the painting; also more and more found that their lack of ability, and sometimes even lost to extreme.

although many people disagree, I still think that as an interdisciplinary discipline, web analytics entry is simple. As long as you are willing to learn and flexible thinking, a little Html+JS, a little bit of datamining, using the skills and the basic knowledge of marketing plus a free Google Analytics, you can become an entry-level analyst site.

then, in the process of site analysis, you can understand the individual variables website analysis principle and various tools of data acquisition, know how to do group (Segment) and Campaign Tracking, can be the difference between a deep understanding of all kinds of standard parameters and their meanings, and know how to in a variety of mainstream tools (such as GA SiteCatalyst, Unica, Webtrends, Cormetrics), extracted the data, display the data, then you are a junior analyst site (Junior Web Analyst), at the same time, if you know a little ad server, mail server (Adserver) (Email Router), SEO and SEM of the principle that is better the.

then, if you have a web site analysis tools installation and debugging technology, able to coordinate between the market department and IT departments, such as the Tracking Plan to make such demand and the technical documentation (specificatio>

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