Retailers should be able to remember the little things

is now a lot of operators in the course of the store business, although it is necessary to pay attention to small things, but because of a variety of very trivial, but there is no way to pay attention to all kinds of small things. In fact, if retailers want to shop business is hot, a lot of attention to small things, but will have a very big help to store operations.

Hongkong business tycoon Li Jiacheng said: "the cultivation of thought, achievement behavior; planting behavior, achievement habits; planting habits, achievement character; planting character, achievement destiny". Some seemingly accidental but inevitable success, no attention is not the result of details, details is an opportunity, but also a kind of accumulation.

my convenience supermarket is located in the county and the outskirts of the Department, the county is near the provincial economic and Technological Development Zone, many foreign companies to build the boss here. One day, a man dressed in a simple but elegant appearance. In my impression, this person has only come to my supermarket to buy a thing, that we have a short exchange. As soon as he came in, I said to him, "Ma, you haven’t come to my supermarket in some days. The speed of your auto parts factory is really fast, you can see that you are a professional, enterprising boss!"

the man listened to me at first hesitated, he did not think I only come to a supermarket, and only a brief exchange, I not only remember his name, but also the progress of enterprises clearly understand him. So, Ma boss smiled and said: Liu boss a good memory. Yes, for us to engage in business, time is money, efficiency is life. The factory has been built, installing and debugging equipment."

horse boss to the interest of the enterprise’s own grand blueprint for me to describe a. In this process, I always smile to listen, show great interest. Soon, we have no words to talk about. Finally, the owner bought two boxes of white wine and a cigarette in my supermarket. When he left the house, he said to me, "when my factory is completed, the workers’ daily necessities will come to your supermarket."

as a retail household is not really concerned about the customer, the customer’s business in mind, the most important thing is to see if you remember the customer’s name and some small things. Be able to remember the little things of the customer and be able to show your concern for the customer. Small is small, but it showed the significance is significant, a little thing can be done is bad. It is easier to succeed in keeping the customer in mind, because such a retailer can bring a sense of respect to the customer and bring unexpected surprises to customers.

is really a small thing for customers, however, if the retailer can remember, this is for the customer, the meaning is naturally extraordinary. So, if you want to make the store business

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