Student webmaster how to do the forum which should be done well

university is the pivotal power station, the Internet population in recent years, with the development of the Internet, the website is more and more low threshold, it become fashionable for a time in CN domain, with 1 yuan of money to buy a domain name to apply for a free space, an open source CMS to the site, but the site is just the first step.

in the personal website of the group, the majority of the personal blog, followed by a CMS based site, and DZ or PW based forum, one of my friends and I talked about a few websites that he did, he started out of a stamp, I was curious about the contents of the above, the seal carved with several web site, because I am more sensitive to the URL, so remember the seal on the information, then open that several sites found, uniform DZ forum, even the templates are the same, the forum including the campus community, local communities, secondary trading community, there are two I can’t remember. In a word, he is a person of management. About a month later, I inadvertently want to see the development of the forum, but found one can not open, and later asked a friend to know, because there is no time management, all gave up.

I think that college students do a good thing, but the concern is the content and amount of use is not a web technology, of course, the computer professional students can contribute to the development of some Internet applications to provide online services, but generally it is very difficult for us to dedicate time to do these, and most students webmaster should not to profit for the purpose of purely personal preferences.

university life is relatively abundant spare time, for college students, the use of ready-made procedures to build a platform is not difficult, the key is to choose what platform, how to enrich and plan the content of the site. I have had experience in the construction of the forum, sophomore year I had a local second-hand trading platform, with the DZ forum program and Kang Sheng’s official space, but less than two months off, that is because of economic reasons, and time management, and in the local campus trading community forum overlap, attributed, or due to lack of program refinement, some blind.

in the forum before, be sure to locate the visit of the forum group, not to do a large door apartment layout of those integrated, information, forums, personal time and strength is limited, more category planning involves more complex, don’t trouble yourself, think of your host can only take a part group visit instead of large flow hits. The second is the content, if you want to improve the gold content of the forum, do not blindly go copy others, don’t be a substantial temptation, loneliness, as far as possible to improve the original theme of your forum in number, and if you do is related to your professional forum (many college students master me know do), then that’s good, you can start around you classmates and teachers, add popularity for your forum, the learning resources and learning experience sharing forum, your forum content is real in the >

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