Share this year to buy stand sell station worth mentioning

this year, I don’t remember A5 trading in many websites, my approach is generally received over a period of operation, to sell, but certainly, it is not my intention, because this approach can not send money. The basic reason is because after a period of time, has risen to a height, the height of my own ability has not been able to break through, but the height of this height from my ideal and there is still a distance, is the ideal way to sell, I can choose.

here says two stations selling experience:

a few years ago did a Nanchang local talent website 700ip, do not go, then left Nanchang, this site does not coincide with the Fujian operation, a relatively well-known talent website have the intention to buy, sell the 1.5W, even when my girlfriend said I caught a big. Up to now, they have not been able to develop anything, it is a pity, they do not know whether they have no force, or it has not operated.

bought a explore websites in the A5 forum, in the hands of the flying fish to sell, finally selling is selling in Figure Wang hand years ago, before and after 5 months, 2050 to buy, sell 25000, the monthly income of nearly 2000 midway. Buy 2000ip, basically is 1ip=1 $CMS, the page is the default skin, and put a lot of passion in advertising, I take over after the no one point out of order cheap advertising delete all over, and she revised once, because I am a professional artist, so the interface modification have more features, after the revision I and 163 portals such as the discovery channel exchange links, direct calls in the past on the contents of cooperation, by the way Links, often the other content of cooperation is not down, but because I stand is very nice, can accept text link exchange. In this way, each key word rises very quickly, in the last 3 months, actually was hao123 military channel included, I don’t know why now included in the military channel. Shot in 11 thousand IP when possible, here, everyone will say that I sell 2.5W, I actually feel very low, PR6, has links with three large portal channels included in hao123, a monthly income of 2000, was really anxious for money, otherwise I will not consider selling 5W or not to consider to sell.

some other sites that haven’t been W are not mentioned here. For example, and can’t get on top of the table. I hope to make more friends here.

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