Southern Weekend don’t divide China and the world online

many webmaster hope that during the two sessions, there are representatives of the Internet industry to say a few words of justice, for individual entrepreneurs to fight for some rights and interests. But the present situation is unlikely, Baidu CEO Robin Li’s blog also revealed some of the deputies’ attitudes on the Internet, while the Ministry of industry minister in the period NPC and CPPCC has made it clear that the personal website will continue to rectify.

network environment is getting worse and worse, today saw the "Southern Weekend" on an article, but also deeply understand. The current media concern for personal webmaster too little, but the "Southern Weekend" two consecutive reports the impact of the Internet to rectify personal webmaster, no wonder netizens called the conscience of the publications, is also worthy of it here, read China slogan. Today’s article is on March 5th, is looking forward to consulting President Lv Bowang published in the "Southern Weekend", "do not divide China and the world Internet", the full text is as follows:

back to 2009, the Internet industry’s three main things is the Internet regulation, online games and e-commerce. I think this year’s two sessions on the Internet proposal, the focus is also in these three areas.

is the first Internet remediation. Since the beginning of the second half of 2009, the Internet has brought up an unprecedented movement since the beginning of action. We can not deny that Internet pornography is necessary, but the practice of exercise has its drawbacks – affecting innocent, honest operators of websites and operators, which is very unfair to them. Because a server on a web site has a problem, it is not appropriate to turn off the entire computer room, I hope this situation will not continue.

don’t spill the baby out when you spill the bath water. The jurisprudence, involving non site off, while the domestic not smooth access to Facebook, Twitter and other representatives of the new trend of new technology is equal to the site, so that we can not keep up with the new technology, new business models, technology trends, the Internet and the world Chinese separated isolation.

I am afraid that the two sessions will be from a social harmony and stability point of view, from the legal and regulatory aspects of strengthening the Internet control. However, this control can really play a role, from the executive force, fairness, fairness and other considerations, I am afraid to ask a question mark. The technology can be used to do good things, can also be used to do bad things, but we cannot deny the technology, we can’t deny the Internet technology in the quality characteristics of social welfare and social conscience and good, more enthusiasm can not hurt the Internet brings good.

followed by e-commerce. Just take a pornography wind, government intervention in all aspects of the Internet supervision departments want to have the right to speak in the Internet, began a round of turf war games, is the Ministry of culture and the press and publication administration, electronic commerce is the Ministry of industry and commerce.

The intervention of the

government can help the Internet develop better, but unfortunately they still follow the old mode of thinking. About e-commerce fraud and false

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