Where is the direction of personal efforts

, "learning the web, the pain of a virtual teaching website", was my first article in diving a few days ago at Admin5, which was welcomed by netizens. Also tasted what is the effect of AD, the article published the first day, traffic reached 1000pv, two days past, all return to calm. Here today to write this article, why will the station name and link up there? I think, as a webmaster, as long as there is the opportunity to promote their own websites, it always will ignore the "promotion to shame", I believe that people can stationmaster net ideal.

through this time of thinking, I think, like my kind of station to make fine, as last time a netizen said, "very tired, very naive."". Also, as one of the netizens wrote in this website, "if you are thirty years old and have no success in industry, you want to do something online, it’s very difficult.". I’m thirty-four years old. Still struggling online, is there any future?

learning and networking, it can not build on the strength of a person to build it up, but I have to be familiar with the promotion of people, they are also difficult to accept. But I still think that this site should be very promising, I had to do in the memories of the garbage station (then you don’t know yourself as the garbage station, because the page is very clean, be Baidu pull hair that is) has been looking for an online learning, watch online video, online test, online communication the site, now I found it, but can’t get with it, use it, it can not be said to be the world.

rare or reply to the original road? Lonely road is really difficult! Just the mood, chaos was seven or eight, can Paizhuan, don’t abuse! I hope webmaster friends don’t have this feeling! And www.ontext.cn, keep the pain.

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