Must be good Graphic website filing new regulations


cover: new rules, photos, triggering personal website survival topic

one, live pictures triggered storm

February 23rd Ministry of Industry issued a notice clearly stipulates that individuals and units can be used as web organizers. However, all the site sponsor must pass the identity information to audit, the person responsible for the site I need to carry the original documents and materials required for verification of access to the service unit for the record site for verification procedures. The access service unit shall collect and retain the head of the website responsible for the color front bareheaded photo on the record site. The record center shall uniformly produce and provide a screen with the logo as the background of the photograph, and the photo shall show the time and background mark of the photo. This means that the vast number of personal websites will again be tested by the real name system. (quote)

note the "to audit", simply said, after we have to go to the site for the record, you have access to space service providers (known as IDC) in face pictures left at the end, real name audit. For example, you are Beijing webmaster, but Web server hosting you in Shanghai, then you have to fly to the space business in Shanghai where the fill in the form, photo copy toss, so your website is completed for the record.

seriously understand the new regulations after, really ray me, you can imagine, once the formal implementation of the following circumstances will occur:


reverie scene: lined up waiting for the "photo record" webmaster

according to Internet data statistics, China current domain name has reached 16 million 820 thousand. If the regulations are formally implemented, we will see the above scene, which may become the second major miracle after the Spring Festival crowd, China is never a lack of miracles, believe me, this is a must say.


take pictures daydream

well, it’s not easy to turn around. Let’s go inside and take pictures. As shown in the above scene, we took the LOGO of our own website to the front station, and the photographer pressed the shutter OK. Now the question is, for only one of the website is OK, if more than one domain is to change the background of this logo? The above photo is out of the virtual and actual operation will not be so, we also can make nothing of it, but to believe that China is a miracle, the letter even as creative rules are can think out on the map, taking pictures is completely not impossible. Read again and again, "record center, unified production, and provide a screen with logo, as the camera background, photos should show the camera time and background logo."." This sentence。

two, verification of identity information need person what


why do people dispute about "taking pictures"?

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