Webmaster buying sites need to seriously consider sixteen suggestions

below is a few suggestions, I hope the majority of webmaster friends in the purchase of the site can be used.

1, keep in mind that the site you want to buy must be a site that requires only minimal follow-up maintenance. This is the key to build your online empire. Currently on the Admin5 forums, thousands of messages are sold on the site a day. There are probably only a few parts that really suit you, and others are different.

2, using third party statistics services (such as traffic statistics and advertising earnings statistics), will allow you to identify what the seller claims to be the site’s monthly traffic and monthly profits. If the seller does not agree with the results of the statistics, do not hesitate to stop the transaction.

3, when you check the traffic statistics, please be sure to check each other’s antecedents. Many people now build short, large capacity websites to sell, and they recommend sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, etc., leave links, and then get short, large traffic. Note that these sites may not be a good business model for you who want to run your website for a long time. So, check out the site’s antecedents and see how much traffic comes from the search engines. If more than 70% of the traffic comes from a variety of search engines, then this is a good site.

4, if the seller does not put Google Adsense ads on his website, please ensure that he is not banned from using Google Adsense. A site that doesn’t fit into Google Adsense, will you buy it,


5, and if he shows you the income (we’re talking about the income of Google Adsense), make sure his Adsense CTR isn’t very high. If CTR is high, make sure that there is no violation of Adsense policy on his site, such as ads that cover temptation pictures and other behaviors that induce Internet users to click advertisements.

6, the PR value of the website can not explain the problem, please check the site of the chain, take a look at the quality of the chain of the site, see if these chains are consistent with the station’s PR value. In http://s.tool.admin5.com, you can query the PR value.

7, when you check the site counter chain, is there a link between multiple sites?. If yes, ask the seller if all the websites that are against each other are his. If he’s sure to answer, ask him how long he’s been able to hold on to the sale site. If he says those stations are not his, ask him and the relation between other websites, in order to make sure to change you to operate, those anti chain still can keep going.

8, the best web site, some pages also have PR value.

9 asks if the seller has previously sold a website. If he does, then check out his trading history. Http://bbs.a>

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