According to your suggestions and opinions to the forum administrator


version for more than 1 hours online every day, see the section of the new post, according to the "general rules and their forum" section of the "edition management rules" to post edit, delete, modify, transfer, do add Short Message know the reason.


version to delete pages containing endangering national security, insult, libel, obscenity, advertising (the plot moved to the post, delete) violence, superstition, false, general forum expressly ban the contents of the post and easy to cause controversy, attack each other and so on, as long as not more than content in order to guide education, try not to immediately delete posts. This topic and other layout and does not match the content of the posts should be promptly transferred to suitable corresponding plate, as long as not insult, libel, obscenity etc. try not to delete all posts transferred to the "irrigation version". Moderators personally do not deal with the post, you can contact the administrator, the administrator will do the processing. 3, the moderator must aim at the content of this forum, and actively publish various articles and opinions, especially in the professional forum, so as to achieve the purpose of preaching doubts. According to the needs of their own section of the relevant announcement, the rules and regulations, and organize various character posters in their own section in beneficial activities, to increase the popularity and active atmosphere.

4, new users posted a good post to add the essence, to encourage. The General Affairs Forum (station and Publication), and to discuss the value of activities to announce the layout of posts, netizens published important posts, for top posts. Zhidingtie shall not exceed five, where appropriate after a period of time under the home need to maintain a zhidingtie novel.

5, the moderator online obligation to care about [help] users post, on the new issues raised by the forum message and thread timely answer, or find information through the network, he will not open to other moderator or administrator ask..

6, moderator ID can not be borrowed, if there are many people know the moderator ID password, you must explain the reason with the administrator, and the administrator to decide whether you need to change the password. No more than second moderators will know the password.

7, must be familiar with the BBS general announcement, each version of the announcement shall not conflict with the general announcement; each edition moderator has the responsibility to regularly update each version of the announcement. The version of sticky announcements in principle not more than 5. If because of the activities added to the temporary set-top notice, at the end of the activity immediately after solid solutions; because if the campaign needs total fixed, can contact the 1- administrator administrator 5. The future announcement shall not exceed 5. In addition to activities, announcements and some special posts that can be edited into eye-catching themes, the moderator is not allowed to abuse the moderators to edit and modify themes.

8, if there is a dispute within the layout, moderator should coordinate the work, if you have encountered a clear reason for the quarrel, the moderator must take the initiative to coordinate and maintain the normal order of the version. Moderators should try to maintain a neutral position to coordinate disputes, especially for more controversial words

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