Local group buying initial operation and activities promotion experience sharing

has just finished "Jiezhuang website four years annual income 15W experience sharing", indeed, in a medium-sized city development that the site does have a lot of experience to be learned, but rely on advertising revenue is not feasible, we fully consider new development ideas, and strive for greater development of the broader! At the beginning of this year we have consciousness of home network advertising is not good, is observed by Shanghai, Guangdong many city, found out a group purchase group, and is very suitable for us in Yancheng, and we have Jiezhuang experience in network, and multi group purchase network contact, we know the 51888.com.cn webmaster, he is willing to help us, then we set up the Yancheng network group purchase www.yctgw.com;

because it is new station, no reputation, want to make money in a short time, but also in long time to make money to prepare. We decided not to operate in accordance with the way Jiezhuang network, we believe that through activities to expand the impact of increased visibility. So we are going to organize more such activities to bargain group purchase website! So there is a October 19th "Jin Fuxiang" autumn cup first major building materials Jiezhuang group purchase bargain ", because the city is small, we use only two of business personnel, materials taking a family run, did not expect the current great influence, a lot of material taking attention to our group purchase network, many problems will cut the consulting group purchase, later I learned a lot of material taking every year to the manufacturers meeting, share success experience, a lot of foreign materials by will a lot of group purchase orders, no wonder they are so interested in


to this day, we have already earned 16000, rent 8000, and publicity materials and advertising cost about 6000. At present, the book is negative, but I believe we will reach 45000 by October 17th. Although not what money, but if the group purchase will be successful, I believe we have in our city network group purchase station on foot only, the annual income of up to 20W,

no problem!We chose the

network group purchase building materials, not only our understanding of building materials, mostly because of building materials is good, we will prepare for the wedding, the other people in the decoration material he is not a day to buy the finished, he the purchase behavior may last for two months, so we will be getting better and better


way, thanks to Admin5, we really learned a lot of things in the above, the special website publicity, in October 19th we will group purchase currently has more than 200 people signed up to participate in group purchase, decoration of the participation is a necessary condition for our group purchase will be successful. In addition to our publicity on the Internet and traditional media, our main way for employees to pull the city decoration decoration owners, very useful! Today when it comes to this success, in fact, the process is equally important. Friends can send mail to [email protected]

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