About 24 years old still on the network feel climb roll explanation

did not come to stationmaster station for a few days, there is a student to say to me suddenly today, say I am in stationmaster net the article is published in stationmaster station, and gave me address. 24 years old, I still feel on the network climbing, rolling

other I do not say, was a little angry, was modified, used to do soft text. Here, to share an experience, a way to make money at that time. "Silently, I met an American guests, I experienced a brief career top earning 2000 beauty, I own a person responsible for the maintenance of the more than 50 servers.

good times don’t last long with the development of telecommunication services, telecommunications, new home building will use the new telecommunications room came out, but the telecommunications people not planned IDC room, there is no corresponding policy, please put me out of the telecommunications room, I took the server to turn a lot of places, but could not find a satisfied with the room, so I give up, I can’t go on a regular ISP road. Another reason is that my major American clients have caused me a lot of trouble, and even Interpol has come to visit me in my hometown. "

, an American client, rented my server and leased it to American clients. Maybe we have a question and want to rent an American server now. Why do the Yanks want to rent our servers in China,


the reason is very simple, in the United States, the server is billing according to the flow, in China not, as long as the bandwidth, Americans still love us China, moreover, an important factor is very important, then the server uses a touch ball in Chinese, spam. According to my American agent said, was the first king of the global spam have rented my server to send spam, accessories is very strong, is to use dual Xeon server in the system at the time, FreeBSD used to send spam collocation.

The rule of

has always been there, and you can continue to do it as long as you can handle complaints and shield the world’s anti spam organizations in a timely manner. Maybe the charges are more expensive than before.

has many net cheats, who never expected that the United States would have been there at the time of the 05 year, and it was particularly terrifying. At that time, my agent in the United States leased my server to a guest, who was able to go through a lot of commercial fraud on the website, and successfully cheated 800W U. S. dollars. The results have been traced to me. When you are down to Interpol, network friends stand up, stop the server check.

, but it’s all over. Put the network, 26 I also continue to mix in the network, IDC still do, but not like before, only to provide services for friends, for many years IDC working experience and resources, have good technology, so do not put down, little waste. The site is doing, but the principal is an enterprise management.

is 26 years old. When he gets married, he gets older

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