Dai Zhikang playing truant genius to challenge Google


Dai Zhikang

before the age of 19 day were muffled, all 20 years old extraordinary play truant; go to college, then not only play truant, also out of campus live alone; 23 years old from the poor children to become millionaires, have not yet graduated alone around Beijing, in the three discipline, leading 15 exams for the software development community make-up now, 200 people; management business for seven years Dai Zhikang is ready to challenge the IT Google carrier preparation.

Dai Zhikang was born in 1981 in Daqing, a family is a family of scholar, Grandpa Chinese first professor, mother taught at the University, a father is Daqing Petroleum Institute ph.d.. Li Xiang is lucky, the city grade 5 began playing computer, from 286 to 586 with…… Under father’s guidance, Dai Zhikang does not love the game, only likes programming, and has displayed the astonishing talent from the very beginning. When Dai Zhikang on the first two days, Dai father had to wear a small to Beijing to find rising company, pointed out to the face of the software Bug (defect).

however, Dai Zhikang grew up in dealing with people and not so exciting to see the computer, often a person dies stuffy, parents worry that there will be problems, so desperately encouraged Dai Zhikang to debut in the school every debate seems to be tailored for their son, Dai Zhikang, also from the beginning the tongue rolling back to Ever-victorious general debate. Dai Zhikang tells a reporter, the encouragement of parents obviously let now he in the interpersonal occasions benefit greatly, and more importantly, changed his initial introverted personality.

"you learn three years, so I might as well study the whole morning."

anything gains and losses are equal, when Dai Zhikang’s parents found him more than a computer genius child, but found the child’s school is often very ugly, because Dai Zhikang began to develop from the junior middle school class is the habit of boring. To this end, the theme of the family meeting more than once, around the "examination of university how to do", "in fact, with the parents of the argument has always been there, but no one who persuaded." Until the end, Dai Zhikang promised to parents, and also admitted to a university.


is often not in school, almost forget the teacher’s appearance, but Dai Zhikang in front of the entrance of 1 ~ 2 months or enter the exam review stage. "That’s real learning. Every question in the study is an annual exam. I remember that every formula is available. My principle is to do the right thing at the exam."."

college entrance examination day after examination, Xiao Dai began looking for full papers just back the questions, then according to the degree of familiarity and difficulty in question in front of number 1, 2, 3, 1 is the most easy, 3 is ready to chance, 2 is a problem what the. In full of joy to take "are sent points" problem, small wear began to difficult 2 of the subject charge, all the way down, I feel the correct rate also has 60>

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