How to make a perfect Mid Autumn Festival National Day promotion campaign through the public number

following article, is September 14th at 8 in the evening, I’m in the E micro marketing 02 open class talk about part of the content, today I do a tidy up, share to more people.


we all know that 27 is the Mid Autumn Festival, October 1st National Day, these two major festivals, as a business, there is no reason not to pay attention, there is no reason not to launch a series of promotional activities. I don’t know much about it. I just said today how we can use WeChat public platform as a tool to help us to make a promotion campaign of WeChat marketing.

What is the purpose of the


sells products (tangible products and intangible products),


fans interact and feedback users?

adding fans,


brand promotion,


each have the public orientation and operational direction of development of their own, some public number down for purpose is to sell products, or to expand sales channels to help line, or directly on WeChat to do their own product sales. Of course, this product includes a lot, as long as it is to achieve the transaction can be called a product, whether tangible or intangible products and virtual products, such as financial products, such as trading as training, tourism, hotel, etc. these products are collectively referred to as the movie.

public number of different positioning, as well as operators of ideas and strategies are different, encountered such holidays activities, the purpose will be entirely different. So, first of all, understand what our purpose is, because he directly decides the plan of our activities below.


This figure is above

, I made in the activity flow chart in PPT courseware, is actually very simple, when we make a good editing activities and related advertising, we need to put this event out, and then arrived in the eyes of consumers is transformed, how to transform? How to acquiring

?How does

promote activities?

public platform mass graphic

H5 animation

personal WeChat friends mass

friends circle forwarding and sharing

WeChat group

QQ group

Post Bar / micro-blog / forum / blog and so on

other small push

pay promotion: looking for large promotion, advertising promotion, other paid promotional methods;

1, the public platform for mass graphic promotion: the activities of information edited, mass pushed to every one of our users on WeChat, so if the number of your public number of users is relatively large, mass effect will be more obvious, if only a few dozen.

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