A grassroots webmaster do stand helpless

three months ago and a friend after a party, listening to a friend’s Huyou, do not know that the tendons wrong, decided to do a web site. It took me more than a month to learn website design and programming. So, at the end of 4, my website "stock I love gp5i.net" was officially launched, but I didn’t expect it to be the beginning of my nightmare.

has just started, just want to play a game, and did not want to rely on it to support the family, but after the line, I feel it stir up, must look at you can go far on this road, and then began to pay attention to the website traffic, began to pay attention to the layout, lack of attention to start a website, and for many students, call a friend, let them on my website, give me advice. According to their opinion, the 3 revision, a big action. Had to live very leisurely, now let me get this website all hung up. Colleagues say that I am a bit like the legendary "saints" now all day, frowning, as if time in thinking about the relations between all human beings of vital importance of the event, sometimes running God to speak. I really do not have the language, who called the brain is often thinking of my site? Helpless ah,


do not know, have to know that a word hard! Read online article about some website promotion articles have also done, and blog, and keep abreast, irrigation, who knows, one month, few people visited my website. Isn’t that some of the tricks here in my work? Sometimes I really ask myself, really depressed, want to give up. Think again, the beginning of everything is difficult, how to say, have to stick to it. This is also a choice,


website promotion did not make what effect is in the construction site, and accumulated a lot of programming experience, summarizes some hair on my blog, hey, okay! Many people see my blog, but no one down my blog link (see the article described the method) browse my website. I know the content of my blog and my website is a little bit of a donkey’s lip, but you’re a little curious, too. No,


what makes me so depressed is that the website still has no personality. So far, no better idea has been found. The original stock website also did not think much, anyway, their stocks, the big deal is their own use. But since you pay attention to traffic, you want other people to browse, the more the better. But attractive people must have attractive capital, characteristics, personality, difference! These words are all around my mind all the time. They are all over my head, and I still haven’t turned it out!

!Since the

website, have no time to accompany a wife to go shopping, have no time to accompany his wife to go shopping in the supermarket, there is no time to accompany his wife to the TV today, there is no time and they drink together, evil associates, the whole people feel so tied. Wife all day long mouth puckered up high, but I have no way! Had to comfort her, if some day in the future my site to make money, I must.

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