Discussion on the necessity of content originality in blog station

Object type

blog site is also a lot of individual stationmaster favored, but the original blog article and reproduced the choice of many people still controversial about this, this simple talk about the author’s view, please paizhuan.

first, from the definition of blogging,

blog, also translated as network log. Many blogs focus on specific subjects, providing comments or news, while others are used as personal diaries. A typical blog allows readers to leave opinions in an interactive way. By definition, the blogger is a personal hobby, interest in the topic should show qualitative blog, as well as a platform through the network and visitors on a topic for discussion, so from this point of view, the content of blog is not necessarily blogger I own article or topic, he can also be reproduced people interested in the topic, to achieve consistent with his interest and thus make visitors resonate, and their like-minded friends, so do not have to publish original articles.

secondly, from personal ability,

in fact, many personal webmaster is not writing master, occasionally released some experience, experience can also, but long-term persistence writing, may be more than enough, and lack of force. Many bloggers may have such an experience, a blog, full of joy, find a template, modify the code, add articles, write text, Submit search engine, establish Links and so on, is awfully busy, a month later, they found themselves jianglangcaijin, that was his belly empty ink slowly, passion is gone, blog updates slowly stagnated, why? In fact, weekly update 1-2 original article own should be acceptable, but every day is the original requirements must have bit of difficulty, in the usual Internet often find themselves interested in the topic or reprint, to your blog, just as a note, it is a good habit, but also have to find common interests with his friends, is this Happy is not it,


finally, from the user’s point of view,

if a user first visit to your blog, the blog articles so scanty, on your blog is what kind of impression? Will you read the search words to form the article, and then thought that bad in the article also wrote online, really boring, you the heart is what? From another angle, if your blog has its own original, and there is a topic of interest to the article, so visitors in your blog on time will be longer, you will understand the main Bo is a little more, then again they visit your blog and even there are many opportunities for you to become friends.

all in all, with their own, not others, since it is a blog, since it is to promote their own personality, so why listen to others and make yourself feel very helpless advice? Original or reproduced or our orders.

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