From 0 to 4500 a growth roadmap for a website

after 3 months, 10 days, I and my friend 2 people to complete from the site to optimize to profit the whole process, now can be proud to share it.

was just a coincidence, my friend to study at Hongkong CSS+DIV, returned to Hunan after 2 years, I told him that the network can make a lot of money (Note: I have a station with a little bit of profit), he decided to throw a 5000 yuan a month, I was open with station. Of course, we started to do a test station, which is now: Souyi antivirus. 3 months ago, we have not had any real basic is SEO optimization, by working experience and technology, so I graphic design and website frame, choose the Dede system at the same time he used CSS+DIV to write out, we put the station hanging out, did not think this will happen station, just do a little Links. Until 2 months later, the PR value of the update, completely changed the situation, our station PR rose from 0 to 3, so it is very good to do Links, so easy to do 20-30 Links, among them PR5, PR4 link is very much. At the same time, the site traffic has remained 400-500IP. We adhere to the update for 3 months, the average of each updated once a week, one would increase 10-15 article, until recently, the web site of the keywords ranking had the huge change, Baidu search: the anti-virus software, from the beginning of 95, to tenth now, free antivirus software download 360, the latest antivirus, antivirus, antivirus software and other related new words have greatly improved, traffic has been from more than 400 to more than 4500 today, but the whole process does not spend a penny to do outside the chain, the chain is completely rely on normal, pseudo original article chain correlation, and column at now the effect of. I think 3 points on the optimization and play a crucial role, according to the importance of ranking: 1. server. Really see too much optimization is very good, and buy a lot of the chain of the station, optimization is not up, and 99% is the server problem. 2. outer chain. The importance of the chain is self-evident, but advised everyone not to buy more than the chain, or step by step, good step by step. 3. of the original and false correlation, why should I put these two write together again, you can look at my website, each column inside the all my collection, I basically turn over but the title changed my title, root, and the title is the key, I have to do so in chain, correlation degree, pseudo original all do is complete, you are not afraid of


OK, standing there is traffic, how to make money, make money is very simple but also very complex, is simple, you can put some garbage seduce union advertising hung on your website, you can also put the site window hung. However, the result is that your website will never be entered by a loyal user. Do not believe it, you try it. The complex is that you need to find the right alliance to fit your website’s content

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