How to keep Baidu snapshot updated daily

for Baidu snapshot, has been a relatively headache problem. Because Baidu’s new algorithm, for the site of the snapshot investigation degree than before to be more strict, below I will analyze how to keep the daily snapshot:

1. keeps the web site updated. This is to keep the core of the daily snapshot, if a site can not do a daily update, but also want to update your snapshot of Baidu daily, I’m afraid it is impossible.

2. links constantly updated. There are both the link check problem on the station and the exchange of new links. For the link on the station, to check whether the snapshot is old, the home page is not in the first place, etc., for new links, to see the other side of the site’s PR, find the time, the number of links and so on.

Promotion of

3. forum. Every day, I insist on publishing several posts with links on the forum. The forum here is also selective, try to choose some snapshot, new, high weight forum to post. I usually in Baidu search webmaster BBS, and then choose the first 2 pages to post.

4. blog promotion. I didn’t insist on that, because it’s almost as hard to raise a good blog as to keep a website. More time recommended by the webmaster.

5. webmaster tools promotion. Now there are many webmaster tools for our use, I do not know whether careful friends found, and sometimes we query the Alexa Rankings, links page in Baidu can search. In fact, many webmaster tools for query information is reserved on the server, Baidu access to this information can also access to our website.

do the above, I believe your website will keep Baidu snapshot updated daily,


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