After selecting keywords how much traffic does Baidu bring to you

also has a certain time to do the website, the experience is not much, and we talk about my experience. I hope everyone will criticize and correct me.

recently in a entertainment station, every day in the update some entertainment news in a month or so IP is 300~400. every day is so calm, suddenly a few days IP soared, the first day soared to more than 1700, the highest day IP reached more than 7900, the IP surprised me later that is because of a "Baidu update love" article. So, in Baidu search to our article, so as to increase the flow of this site.

has never found such a powerful Baidu before, and now found that the station should first analyze the appetite of Baidu, Baidu research clear, thorough analysis, then the site traffic should not be too big problem.

update articles, the title must be loud, to be eye-catching, to temptation, so that people see, then can not help but point to your article, this is your Title Optimization success.

articles should also be carefully prepared, preferably unique and attractive. In the article content, all the key words are bold display, so that more easily by Baidu "discovery"".

Some of the recent

update, we are concerned about the article, such as a few days ago the technician nude, bags and cheap girl purple and now the earthquake information and so on. Similar, these methods should be able to more or less increase the flow of the site, traffic is king, content is king, the content is good, traffic naturally come.

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