Eight skills of soft text operation

argument 1: in advance soft advertising program

argument two: to soft Wen to draw a news title

argument three: organize the text structure with the press

argument four: be good at using journalistic idioms

argument five: advertising information should be cleverly integrated

argument six: follow the news typesetting style to design

argument seven: release and news stick together,

argument eight: Media PR work is essential

1: in advance soft advertising program

advertising is a concrete manifestation of target culture and soft advertising, advertising is a product brand and sales target goal of advertising, to reach the final profit is the purpose of the image acquisition and construction, therefore, soft advertising should follow the plan, organization, implementation, modification of operating rules.

soft text advertising plan derives from the company’s advertising strategy, mostly good operation of enterprises is very soft advertising tactics of the enterprise, but also in the low cost operation of the enterprise, but rely on advertising and rapid growth of the enterprise is not much, why? Because most enterprises do not have a soft advertising plan. Soft advertising program is soft advertising operation foundation.

The case is already very familiar with the industry

"melatonin" successful operation of soft advertising, no more words. In 2003, in the Xi’an media presented "soft soap advertising hot" and the formation of "Ryoji soft Wen model", it is not difficult to see, good at operating soft Wen enterprise, its careful planning and systematic planning.

to good governance appliance Ryoji, for example, advertising plan than new product listing plan has done three months, which is the main soft advertising plan. Because of the "Ryoji" is a new category of products, is a strong concept of new appliances, need to do a lot of market education and the guiding concept of publicity, so in 2003 the annual advertising plans, advertising accounted for 70% of the proportion.

each soft text is not less than 800 words, and in this order release. Public relations soft before the product is released, the hype cycle is 1 months. Function soft text after the product is released, the listing promotion cycle is 1 months, sales target 50.

This text plans to implement

to the city of Xi’an, although on the market just encountered the SARS, but in May the month has achieved sales of 77 units, and this period very timely correction of soft advertising plan is closely related to the author, in the back of the argument and description.

2: to soft Wen to draw a news title

publishing soft advertising is the needs of enterprises, nothing more than to achieve brand promotion goals or product sales goals, but writing soft Wen advertising, first of all to consider the needs of readers.

on the whole soft advertising, the title is like "face", can attract the reader’s eyes on >

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