Jiang Likun how to eliminate spam completely

friends who do forum operations, community management believe that there is a common heart – Forum spam (including illegal information). Especially in recent years, with the forum message technology, spam is very rampant, impossible to guard against. The author as the head of two forums (a member of 10000, a member million), this is also hated. However, in the long-term struggle against spam, we have finally explored a very effective way to stop spam. Of course, there is no way to eliminate spam by one hundred percent, but this scheme will definitely reduce the amount and harm of spam and illegal information to the minimum. Without further ado, here jianglikun can share experience:

one, commonly used method

let’s take a look at the current mainstream methods that are common. What are the pros and cons?.

1, authentication mechanism

believes that veteran comrades who have had years of forum management experience know that this method is basically ineffective for junk advertising. Because of the current BBS mass software, can identify verification code, not to mention through artificial advertising.

2, keyword replace

as the saying goes, "stopgap measures", but this method can not even be labeled. Just replace some key words, which can not be eliminated at all. Advertising stickers exist. For illegal information, the transformation of several key words can not affect the coherence of context.

3, keyword shielding

this can be a permanent cure, but a lot of normal posts will be blocked together, very affecting the user experience. And ordinary users understand how keyword shielding is going on, even if you know, and there is no patience to check the phrase in the post is a problem. On the contrary, many users may accuse the forum of being unreasonable.

, and for some normal post also often use keywords, also can’t go to shield.

4, restrict registration,

such as the invitation to register frequently, new member mailbox verification, mobile verification and so on. This may be a good idea, but it will greatly affect the number of registered users. Unless it is very cattle forum or resource X is very good, otherwise no one conider for registration number. Especially for some business forums with index tasks, this measure is simply an indicator killer.

5, limit posting

, if you set up new members, can only post in a certain section, when the points reached a fixed degree, you can exchange to other forums. But it did not achieve the effect of radical advertising, but only limited the scope of advertising. And, like the fourth, unless the forum is "cow X" or the resources are good, the members are impatient and time to accumulate grades or points.

two, Jiang Likun’s program


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