Mao Hongliang how to build a vertical web site

Hello, I’m Mao Hongliang, an old friend of mine. There is still a few days in 2012 of the year of the dragon, I wish you: "money"! As a web site, all around your website about the site included, site keywords ranking, whether to increase the overall weight and so on, not every webmaster concern. The most important thing is to continue to update the site, the only way to make your site the favour of spider, in addition, the purpose of the site, the site type, what type of network on the station, there is no personal webmaster website project to do? The answer is yes, do vertical stand, vertical stand the Internet giant into the.

I will build a home appliance repair appliance repair network, speaking of network, my website almost half a year on the line, keywords ranking has steadily, mainly to do keyword is "home appliance maintenance network" "electrical maintenance network" and "electronic maintenance network". Like these words in the Baidu search in search of IP also quite a lot, this is good thing. Combined with my operating experience, today I would like to share my experience and experience in operating the vertical industry website.

I was at the beginning of the operation of other integrated portal station, so I feel integrated station is too big, tired. There is no opportunity for development, after all, personal Adsense to do large-scale portal is not too practical. So I still want to combine my hobbies and make an industry information website. As early as 10 years ago, I was an electrical maintenance worker. I can relate to electronic components, I was able to understand the electronic circuit, always want to do, just because of their own reasons until April 2010, at that time also to Baidu search appliance maintenance website of other peers. What I see is that most of them belong to the forums. Can be called a good home appliance maintenance site almost No.

as a user, or a home appliance practitioners, encountered a difficult problem or more difficult to repair the problem, he would first think of Baidu search under maintenance information. But you go to the forum or pay for information. Or there is no substance in it. Therefore, the establishment of an article based website, brook no delay. So I put down other website operations, and began to concentrate on creating this vertical industry website.

I will use the article master station plus forum way to operate slowly. The main station of the article is to collect all the maintenance data on the network, such as color TV maintenance, sound maintenance, refrigeration maintenance, etc.. Supplemented by the electronic industry news, industry information, etc.. Provide some household electrical appliances employees need more scarce information, this is my ultimate goal of building this home appliance maintenance network. My preliminary plan is that the first 3 years, mainly to collect maintenance information, and if necessary, sweep some maintenance data up, so that the information is updated.

safe operation, ensure the stability of the website. As a website that allows all users to visit freely, first of all, on the choice of space, I use a double line >

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