Millennium Alliance Network website revision program 5 factors considered first

when a website develops to a certain extent, it is often necessary to optimize and change the architecture of the website, layout, etc. in order to better support the website and support a variety of applications. Then, in the planning of the site’s revision program, we should pay attention to what problems? Changes in the site need to control to what extent? The League Network on this issue about a website revision need to consider some factors.

1, visitor experience

website revision, the main consideration is that the site user access experience, the user first, the site without the user, then revision is meaningless. If the application and function of the web site do a very big change, resulting in some of the original function of website visitors are familiar with the result after the revision can not use or use the method had the very big change, so this will let visitors feel at a loss, and even psychological conflict on the website. In this regard, we must seriously consider, do a good job planning, or because of the revision of the loss of traffic will not be worth the candle.

2, layout design,

generally, the website will be a new design of the layout, the equivalent from A to Z re erection of a website, this is no ground for blame, but in the pursuit of the perfect also should take into account the design style of the site as a whole, this is very important. Just imagine, after the revision of the site compared to the old version of the website style, is almost about the top, the equivalent of doing a large cosmetic surgery, no shadow of the past, this will involve the entire website image. This, of course, will be a failed revision.

3, search engine factor

search engine is the most important source of traffic website, website especially to consider in this respect, if the website of the larger changes, the search engine will need a period of time after the revision of the site were observed. As for the specific time, depending on the site changed, if after the revision of the website from the theme and content with the old version of the site has a great difference, it may even lead to be included on the website of the search engine to give up.

4, keyword factor

each site has its own keyword, and this is often closely related to the value of the site. If a website has a keyword of high quality, you must take this factor into account when you start correcting it. If you rush to revision of the website, and not to the existing keywords, as well as a variety of traffic source data for detailed analysis, then the website revision, it is easy to lose the flow of a keyword. For example, "qianmeng network" this keyword can bring 300 visitors every intention for you, if not this website will be the key factors considered, so after the website is likely to bring out the keyword "qianmeng network traffic, which is immeasurable for the loss of the site.


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