The key to the development of small game websites precise positioning continuous innovation

, as we all know, Baidu has a Chinese search and roll list, which specializes in Chinese popular word search rankings. From this list, we can find out which of the most popular and popular words on the Internet, the latest words and phrases, also reflect what is going on in the Internet and society, and what important events have taken place. We can understand the society by looking at Baidu Search Ranking. In fact, Baidu’s search list omits a lot of vocabulary, which is the most popular and most searched word on the internet. Like small games, Lianliankan, small movies, videotaping these words have been excluded from the list, precisely because these words are often ranked in the search engine before the number of keywords, there is no need to statistics.

, China’s Internet entertainment is its biggest feature, which also determines the most popular search terms are also the most popular, the simplest, most entertaining words. The word "small game" is such a vocabulary with these characteristics. Behind every popular vocabulary, there will be a large number of related websites. The word "small game" is no exception. Look at Baidu’s popular search list, Moore Park as the current most popular online games among primary school students, has ranked in the top seventh in the hot search rankings. Moore Park has also been enrolled in primary school textbooks for its health, intelligence and fun. Small games, the popularity of the phrase attracted a large number of webmaster and Internet investors to join. But can become bigger and stronger, become classic, also so a few. Like, 7k7k, xiaoyouxi, these well-known classic game sites can be traced back to the history of 2003. It can be said that the more people involved in the game site, hotlinking plagiarism occurs constantly, like similar websites emerge in an endless stream today, really survive and are still in progress unremittingly, continuous innovation, accurately grasp the needs of users of the site.

but most small game websites are slow and struggling. The reason why the current predicament is not because the small game site has no prospects for development, Internet users are no longer keen on playing games. On the contrary, the market prospect of the small game is still very bright, especially the small game website, the theme of the game is vast, the latter is convenient to maintain, the cost is low, and the advantage of the high rate of return of the user makes the small game website not difficult to do. Why there are so many game websites fail? The key lies in the website itself, many websites just copying, copying others hotlinking game, not innovation, difficult to quickly retreat, even their own website user location is also very vague, do not know the game site should face the what kind of group, fuzzy positioning website will lose the direction, without direction, natural stagnation, going in circles.

once chatted with friends about the status of small game websites, and I said to him, "today’s small game websites are really not as good as one. Besides those famous ones, they feel almost the same."." The same phenomenon is too serious to see anything new. My friend said to me, "this is not necessarily, and there are many good games."

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